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Pan dulce paletas? Um, YES! Here is a fun and chilly, creamy way to level up your paleta game – embed different pan dulce (Mexican pastries) into ice cream and then put into molds. It tastes like a reverse ice cream sandwich, and even better because the pastries are hidden inside the ice cream, so when you find one it’s like a tasty surprise from Heaven!

glittered paletas

Here is what I did last year: Glittered Paletas!

I knew I had to up my game this year. What could be better than edible glitter? Conchas! Of course! I had such a blast making these and they are such a conversation starter! After people gobble them down, that is!

Check out my video to make pan dulce paletas!

YouTube video

What you need:

Assortment of pan dulce (I used mostly conchas, but also galletas (cookies).

Ice cream

Popsicle molds. I bought these and love them because they are super easy to fill and remove.

Optional: Sprinkles, melted chocolate to dip or coat the end product

Cut up your pan dulce in either tiny pieces or large chunks. The ones where I used medium to small chunks caused the bar to fall apart hen removing from the mold. So go super tiny and chunky!

Let your ice cream soften, then spoon into the molds, making sure they are filled and surrounded the pan dulce pieces. If it doesn’t coat, they will break upon removal.

Freeze for several hours until firm, and then remove!

You see I got a little excited because I went crazy with adding sprinkles to my picture, you can add sprinkles on the outside if you dip in melted chocolate. Yum!

Thanks for checking out my idea to make pan dulce paletas!

How to make pan dulce paletas! #craftychica #pandulcerecipes #paletaideas

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