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10 Creative Halloween decor ideas

10 Halloween decor ideas

By Joanne Gonzales for CraftyChica.com Here are 10 Creative Halloween decor ideas you’ll love.

Yes, it is the week of the big day, but a lot of people are having parties at home or in the office so I thought it would be a good time to pull together some ideas!

Halloween decor ideas
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Halloween classics

During this holiday, children wear Halloween costumes for the trick-or-treat event. Some consider carving pumpkins or bobbing for apples. Others throw a Halloween party, visit haunted houses, or watch horror movies. However, setting up a creepy home is the most notable practice.

That said, create a Halloween house as early as now. You don’t necessarily have to be a real artist. You can be creative by resorting to DIY home decor.

Fret not, as we’ve rounded up some creative ideas for you. Read on to learn how to decorate your house for Halloween.

A Glimpse of the Halloween Tradition Worldwide

Halloween sticker frame

Individuals and families set up a Halloween home as early as October 1. However, Halloween falls on October 31.

The Halloween tradition is popular in different parts of the world. In the United States, it’s a holiday known for its trick-or-treat practice. The same applies in Canada. However, people honor the Day of the Dead in Mexico and other Catholic countries. This takes place from October 31 to November 2. 

However, not everyone honors Halloween.

This tradition isn’t popular in the United Kingdom due to the Protestant Reformation. Instead, they have a different holiday known as Guy Fawkes day on November 5. Still, Scotland and Ireland celebrate Halloween.

However, there’s more to this than meets the eye. 

Historically, it was religiously significant to the people’s culture. It originates back in Gaelic and Celtic rituals about 2,000 years ago. The Gaelic festival of Samhain would run from October 31 to November 1. On the flip side, the Celts would hold a three-day religious festival from October 31 to November 2.

Halloween coasters
Halloween fabric coasters

Later on…

Catholicism somehow influenced and altered this tradition. Think of All Saints’ Day (on November 1) and All Souls’ Day (on November 2), which began with early Christianity. The evening before November was called All Hallow’s Eve, now popularly known as Halloween.

People have passed on the Halloween practice from one generation to another. Today, it’s a mixture of the pagan and religious traditions celebrated in different parts of the world. And it shows no signs of stopping, deeply and culturally embedded in society.

10 Creative Halloween decor ideas

Halloween decor ideas
Photo by Artie Siegel

At this point, you understand a little history of the Halloween tradition. Now, it’s time to prepare your home for it. You can resort to last-minute Halloween ideas or prepare as early as now. The latter is a better option for making your house as spooky as possible.

Spread Artificial Cobwebs in Every Nook & Cranny

Halloween decor ideas
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What comes to mind when you think of Halloween houses? They conjure images of abandoned properties filled with cobwebs. They look like haunted houses that shoo people away. No one likes to visit them except ghostbusters.  

Of course, you couldn’t collect actual cobwebs and fill your house with them. Instead, you buy artificial ones or use intertwined ropes that resemble spiderwebs. Make sure to spread them on your exterior and interior walls. Be creative enough!

Pumpkins, pumpkins, & mas pumpkins!

easy pumpkin carving #craftychica #pumpkincarving

It’s easy to see Halloween pumpkin fairy gardens in October. You can have pumpkins on your lawn and turn the area into a graveyard. But since we focus on home decor, display them indoors.

Start carving a handful of pumpkins now. Make sure they appear creepy right in your visitors’ eyes. But for aesthetic purposes, be as creative as possible. Once done, spread the spooky pumpkins in different corners of your house.

Macrame ghosts 

The Halloween tradition won’t be complete without ghost stories. But it’s best to have images of them on your walls. Fret not, as they are easy to make and display.

That said, use macrame cords and create knots out of them. Then, have black papercuts for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Let the ropes flow to create ghost images. Plus, don’t forget to cut vampire bats out of leaves and display them on your walls.

Skull Centerpieces

Most living rooms usually have center tables. They serve as the focal point that draws the people’s attention. So if you like to have a Halloween-themed house, start with your center table.

That said, what better way to achieve that than to have a skull centerpiece? While at it, don’t forget to have an artificial blood dripped on your center table. That will send shivers up and down your spine!

Create a Halloween tree!

Displaying a Christmas tree is popular in December. But who says you can’t have one for Halloween? Yes, you can display a Halloween tree in your living room for the whole month of November.

You can have a tree skeleton with dried twigs and branches. You can then have artificial cobwebs wrapped around them. Include vampire bat leaves, little jack-o-lanterns, and ghost miniatures hanging on the tree.

If that doesn’t work for you, have a trick-or-treat candy Halloween tree. Display assorted candies you can hand over to kids on October 31. That will be more practical!

Have a Bubbling Witch’s Cauldron in Your Bathroom

You probably have tubs in your bathroom. You usually fill it in with water and pour liquid soap for bubbles. Then, you add scented oil and some rose petals. And you are now ready to soak in the water for relaxation.

But during Halloween, you might want a spooky experience in your bathroom. Start by having a witch’s cauldron inside your comfort room. Have warm water sprinkled with herbs and spices in it. Plus, pour essential oil to spruce up the overall ambiance. And you’ll be a certified witch for that day!

Pumpkin staircase!

Halloween decor ideas
Photo by Artie Siegel

A staircase serves a functional purpose; however, it’s ideal for aesthetics. If you have one, you’ve got a perfect spot for your Halloween decoration. You can embellish it with some creepy stuff for a spooky experience.

How? Start setting up a spidery stair. All it takes is to have some spider papercuts and hang them on the ballisters. While at it, spread cobwebs around the handrails to accentuate the overall look. Plus, don’t forget to have some pumpkins placed on some treads. That leaves a Halloween staircase for all to see!

Accentuate Your Dining Table with Spiderweb Placemats and Creepy Candles

Halloween decor
Photo by Daisy Anderson

Of course, you don’t neglect your dining area. It’s especially true if you’re inviting some friends and family members over for a Halloween party. You’ve got to create a creepy look for your dinner. That will set a Halloween ambiance!

Start with two things: spiderweb placemats and weird candles. You’ll now find plenty of mats with spider designs available in the market. Also, buy some candles and make DIY Halloween candle lanterns. Finally, have some little pumpkins displayed on your dining table. That will transform your dining area into a creepy one!

Magic Potion Bottles in Your Kitchen

Halloween decor ideas
Photo by Designdrunkard

Finally, you shouldn’t ignore the heart of your home: your kitchen. It could be the best place for your Halloween decorations. Why? There are a lot of things you can display on your open shelves.

Start with magic potion bottles of all kinds. Of course, they aren’t real. First, buy different bottles and pour them with colored water. Then, label them with weird potion names. However, keep them out of reach from your kids. 

 If you are a bit wary of these, buy a handful of bottles of herbs and spices. Add some creepy candles, mini-pumpkins, and crystal balls. And you’ll have a Halloween setup in your kitchen!

Use these Halloween decor ideas to add spirit to your home!

Halloween ideas
Halloween’s pumpkins with autumn leaves on wooden table. See series.

It’s time to transform your beautiful home into a creepy (but artful) house as early as now. It’s a great way to prepare and get ready for Halloween. 

Consider the ten creative ideas above for your home decor when setting up your Halloween house. They will turn your humble abode into a spooky one. 

But of course, these home decors aren’t hard-and-fast rules. They only serve as a guide for your Halloween setup.

Still, creativity is the name of the game. Get ready to spook up your home for the upcoming Halloween tradition! Thanks for checking out this post about 10 Halloween decor ideas!

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