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Crafty Chica products at Barnes & Noble stores

Did you know there are now Crafty Chica products at Barnes & Noble stores all across the country? 

It’s been a long product I worked on for the past year and I’m so relieved and excited to finally see these items on the retail racks! These are manufactured by Madison Park Greetings, a division of Designer Greetings.

Stationery goodies!

This collection isn’t about crafts. It’s themed around stationery items to help keep your daily life organized. Best of all, they feature my illustrations. Drawing and designing is an area of my business I’ve been working hard at building.

Until now, you’ve seen my work on the Crafty Chica scrapbook papers and paper crafting supplies. Now I have a whole new set of designs on notepads, desk calendars, wall calendars, hardback journals and more!

NOTE: It’s easiest to visit BN.com to see which Crafty Chica items are in stock at your local store, or you can just order direct from the website.

Crafty Chica Wall Calendar

This calendar was my biggest illustration challenge yet, and i’m so proud of the result. I made each month themed around something positive and joyful to give you a pep in your day! And yes – November is by my husband, Patrick!

Crafty Chica products at B&N

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The Crafty Chica Planner

This was the first item to roll out earlier in the year. It’s a hardback planner with an embossed cover and has two pockets inside. There are also dividers for journal sections as well as a month-at-a-glance.

Check out the back of the book for stickers to use in your planning!


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Crafty Chica hardback journals

These are brightly colored blank journals that are perfect for daily note taking, mixed media collages, outlining your plans, etc.

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Crafty Chica hardback journals

You know what I LOVE most – seeing my name on the back of them! Isn’t cool how the design wraps all the way around the back of each journal too?

Inspiration: DIY painted wood headboard

Crafty Chica hardback journals

Planta tus suenos means “plant your dreams” and it comes as a fully-lined book with an elastic strap to hold your place.

Crafty Chica hardback journals

And the Hola Chica journal

Crafty Chica hardback journals

Crafty Chica Wired Journal

This one says Muy Motivada – which means Very Motivated!

Crafty Chica products at Barnes & Noble

Crafty Chica Desk Calendar

Big and roomy for your desk, and it has a side column for notes. Each month is a different design! If you are super crafty, you can even cut out the designs to use in your craft projects!

Crafty Chica List Pad with Magnet

A list pad for your desk or for your fridge or filing cabinet!

Crafty Chica products at Barnes & Noble

Thank you for checking out my Crafty Chica products at Barnes & Noble! These are limited editions, so once they are gone, they are gone!!!

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