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Painted Pumpkin Pail

painted pumpkin pail

Here’s how to give a Mexi twist to your Halloween with this painted pumpkin pail.

If you are Mexican-American like I am, or just happen to love Mexican style, add a touch of la cultura to all of your decorations for the Halloween season!  

At least I know that’s what I like to do, even down to this cute Halloween pumpkin pail that I bought at Target.

The iconic plastic pumpkin pail

It’s been around for decades and is a Halloween classic. I thought I’d have fun with it and add some Mexican embroidered-inspired patterns around the face. Five stars is what I’d give this project, I get compliments on it all the time and am tempted to leave it out all year.

painted pumpkin pail

This surface was so smooth, I could not resist and it only took me about 30 minutes to pull the idea together.

I’m sure you can do just the same and have it come out looking super cute as well! These pumpkin pails are nice to have for Halloween decor because they are super affordable and available everywhere. Even if you can’t find this exact style, there are plenty of others to choose from.

And there are so many uses!

I painted this and it can be used as a candy bucket for trick or treaters or I can also use it as:

plastic pumpkin pail

A vase

Utensil holder



A planter with some faux succulents inside

Painted pumpkin pail supplies

Plastic pumpkin pail – You can find these at stores like Walmart or Target or even Amazon.

DecoArt Multi-surface craft paint

For paint, I like to use multi-surface craft paint. This will give it good grip so that it will not chip off. These have become my faves because they work on plastic, glass, even fabric!

Brush-on gloss varnish

Round brush and liner brush

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Wipe off any dust from your Halloween pumpkin pail.

If you do not want to freestyle, go ahead and sketch it out on paper before you start painting the pumpkin.

painted pumpkin pail

Outline all of the shapes with a bright color and add contrasting accents. Make sure to let the paint dry between coats and before you add those final details.

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painted pumpkin pail

It’s up to you if you want to outline everything in black. I love to do that because I feel like it makes it stand out even more.

painted pumpkin pail

If you want to take it next level, then use puffy paint and even glittered accents.

Check out my video of this painted pumpkin pail!


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And let me know if the comments if you like it!

Thanks for checking out my Halloween painted pumpkin pail tutorial!

painted pumpkin pail


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  1. I love shadow boxes. My students are making boxes out of clay with their own designs. These are shadow boxes or wood frames. Would it be also correct to call them Nichos? Thank you for the pictures. I need to post mine.


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