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Crafty Chica dies & paper craft products

latinx craft supplies - Crafty Chica paper crafting products

My new Crafty Chica dies and paper crafting products are now available for purchase! If you are in need of Hispanic crafts and supplies, you are at the right place!

I just loaded them up in my store, ready for you to purchase. You’ll find everything from paper pads I designed, plus exclusive dies, cling stamps and more!

Find the new Crafty Chica paper crafting supplies HERE.

What are Crafty Chica dies?

People often ask me, “Kathy, why does Google always say ‘Crafty Chica dies’ when I type in your name?”

Yah, it made me clench my heart the first time I saw it too. But the word DIES, it’s not that kind of die. It’s dies – and in paper crafting dies. These are metal dies I designed that are used for crafting. Specifically, paper crafting.

Metal dies are some of the most popular options out there.

How are metal dies made?

Crafty Chica papel picado die

The process begins with a raw piece of metal, which is then cut into the desired shape. Once the metal is cut, it is then heat treated to harden it. After that, the metal die is then ready to be used.

Metal dies are popular because they are very durable and can create precise cuts. They are often used for projects that require intricate details.

If you are looking for a die cutting option that is both durable and precise, metal dies are a great option to consider.

See? It’s not so bad after all. I’m here, alive and well – using my dies to create lots of greeting cards!

Crafty Chica cling stamps

You’ll also find cling stamps!

Cling stamps are a great way to add embellishments to your paper crafting projects. But what exactly are cling stamps, and how are they made?

They are made from a material that is slightly tacky, so that it will adhere to an acrylic block (or stamping tool) without the need for adhesive. To use a cling stamp, simply press it onto your block, then stamp it onto your paper.

You can also. use them in clay, which is what I like to do. Cling stamps are also easy to store, since they don’t require a separate adhesive.

If you’re looking for a versatile and user-friendly stamping option, cling stamps are a great choice!

Here is a card made from one of the sets!


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There are stamps, dies, papers and more! 


Crafty Chica paper crafting products - latinx craft supplies


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