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Easy Sweatshirt Hack

Here is an easy sweatshirt hack!

We’ve seen plenty of T-shirt hacks, but it’s winter right now. We’re cold. We want something a little thicker. A little more cozy. 

You’ll love this idea because it’s fast and easy and you can take it another level by adding embellishments. Add crystals or glitter puffy paint to the sleeves of a comfy sweatshirt – cut off the neckline and you have a super cute top to wear this winter season! We’ll get to that!

Why we love sweatshirts


Sweatshirts are a type of clothing that is comfortable, versatile, and practical. They are typically made of soft, warm materials like cotton or fleece, which make them perfect for casual wear and for keeping warm on cooler days.

That’s all good, but they also are a mood. Curling up with a book or walking the dog on a crisp chilly morning, they fit so many situations. And like their cousin, the T-shirt, sweatshirts are so  easy to care for. Wash it, pull it out of the dryer, throw it on and you are good to go. 

And they can be worn for a variety of occasions and situations: from running errands to hanging out with amigas. They just have a relaxed, laid-back style that brings comfort.

The downside of sweatshirts, for me, at least 

frowning heart

I’m a big girl in size, so I’m not about adding unflattering bulk. And let’s be honest, sweatshirts are not exactly sleek and curvy. But they are sooo comfy.

Also, you can’t exactly wear them to anything more than a casual setting. Especially if they have a logo on the front.

I wanted to find a way to find a fit for sweatshirts in mi vida.

Sweatshirt hack – the best of both worlds!

I decided to not only cut up my sweatshirt, but all dress up the arms. It is the holiday season, so why the heck not?


1 sweatshirt, prewashed and dried

Tailor’s chalk

Sharp scissors

Fabric glue

Flat-back crystals




This is the scariest part and it’s not that hard.

Open your sweatshirt and use tailor’s chalk to draw where you want to cut. I cut off the neck line and the bottom. I then cut the sleeves to be 3/4’s length.

The nice thing about sweatshirts is they don’t curl when you cut them like T-shirts do.

Now go try it on and make sure you like it!

sweatshirt hack

Add the crystals.

Open your shirt so the neck portion is in the middle and you can see the hole. Press the sleeves flat so the seam is in the center. This is so you can glue crystals on both sides, and you can see them from both the front and the back.

If you want a guideline, measure the desired width of your crystal design, and use painter’s tape along each side. 

Add tiny drops pf glue. You can also use puffy paint if you want each crystal to have a little border.

Use a crayon or tweezers to pick up a crystal and place it on the wet glue.


sweatshirt hack

Keep going until it is filled out the way you want. Let dry for several hours. 

When you’re done, it will look like this!

What a difference, right? This is just one idea.

Other ways to embrace a sweatshirt hack!

scissors with gold handles

Use your Cricut to add a design on the front or on the sleeves.

Start with a light-colored sweatshirt and dye it – or make a tie-dye sweat shirt!

Use T-shirt cutting techniques and then wear it over a thin shirt.

Cut it up the front to make a jacket.

Cut it into a cropped sweatshirt.

Hand stitch a graphic from an old T-shirt on to the front.

Add a pocket to the front.


For more ideas, check out these videos I found!

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No-sew flips on sweatshirts and hoodies by Hannah Elise

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What do you think of this sweatshirt hack? Do you have any ideas?

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