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DIY painted canvas flowers

Check out this DIY painted canvas flowers project! Perfect for a spring weekend or a lazy afternoon!



I’m all about recycling old materials, especially to make these painted canvas flowers.. For example, I had a framed canvas I painted that was…well, let’s just say I would never let it see the light of day it was so awful. But in my Crafty Chica land, I’m all about making tasty lemon bars out of lemons. (Lemonade is too boring)

I cut the canvas away from the frame and used the back side to make some fun flowers. I then bundled them into a cute spring bouquet as you see above.


DecoArt paints

Craft paints and/or markers

Spray Acrylic Sealer

Glue or double-adhesive tape
Raw canvas (you can use an old painted canvas you don’t like)
Paint brushes
Floral tape
Floral wire


Make a flower petal template, or just freestyle. That’s what I do! Cut out assorted sizes of pedals. Separate them into stacks of five or six.
painted canvas flowers
Paint each group into your favorite colors. 
Water down the craft paint and brush on a layer. Let dry. 
Use a darker or lighter shade of the same color to add shading.
Go in with contrasting highlights to really give your petal personality!
painted canvas flowers

Finish them up!

Glue the petals together at the base to create a flower. You can mix up the petals or create them color by color.

This is my favorite part. Add white craft glue and apply glitter at the edges!

Use a spray sealer to make them shine.

painted canvas flowers



Now it’s time to add them to floral wire so you can make a bouquet or set them in a vase.

Start with one pedal, add glue to the bottom and wrap around the piece of floral wire. Continue adding other pedals all around. Make sure they are all secure. Brush on some glaze and add glitter!


Take some leaves from silk flowers and add them to the bottom of each flower. Or you can paint your own leaves from the canvas! Glue in place.

painted canvas flowers


Arrange them to your liking and group them together. Wrap with one wire to secure them and then wrap with floral tape to cover the wire.

painted canvas flowers


And there you have it – a fun spring bouquet of canvas flowers!

Other ideas for painted canvas flowers:

Sew on the canvas for added texture.
Write on them with a marker
Embroider on them
Turn into brooches or pins
Cut up an actual painting and make the flowers!

You can also use this as a wedding idea – simple change the paint colors to your liking!

Thanks for checking out my post about painted canvas flowers. Let me know if you make them!


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  1. Gorgeous! When I saw the top picture I thought you’d bought plastic flowers & painted them but love how you made the petals yourself! Amazing!


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