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10 DIY confetti eggs a.k.a cascarones ideas

Here is the ultimate list of DIY confetti eggs & cascarones ideas! Yes, they work nice for Easter, but I think cascarones should be incorporated all year year round!

The backstory of cascarones (confetti eggs)

Did you know cascarones actually came form China? It’s been said Chinese traders introduced them to Italy in the 1300s. From there, the tradition spread to Spain and then to Mexico during the 1800s.

In Mexico, cascarones became popular during Carnival, which is a festive season leading up to Lent. The tradition involves cracking the egg over someone’s head, which releases confetti or small toys. It is said that the tradition symbolizes the rebirth that comes with the arrival of spring and the resurrection of Jesus during Easter.

Cascarones were originally made by carefully hollowing out an eggshell and filling it with scented powder. Over time, the powder was replaced with confetti or small toys, and the eggs were decorated with colorful designs.

Today, cascarones are a popular part of many celebrations, including birthdays, weddings, and other festive occasions. They are often sold in markets and street fairs throughout Mexico and the southwestern United States, and have become a beloved tradition for many families.


Where to find cascarones

These days you can find them at grocery stores around Easter time. You can also check a party store or swap meet. But really – wouldn’t you rather make cascarones? They are so fun and there are so many ways to decorate them!

How to make cascarones


1 dozen eggs with container
Water-based acrylics, brush, cup of water
Paint pen to draw designs
Steak knife
Confetti or sequins
Paper towels
Colored tissue paper
White craft glue

Directions: Working with one egg at a time, poke a hole at the bottom with the steak knife, just big enough to drain the egg. Let contents drip out. Rinse the inside of the egg and rest it, hole side down, on the paper towel. When the eggs are dry inside, decorate the shell with watered-down acrylics. Pour a teaspoon of confetti inside the egg. Glue a piece of tissue paper (matching the color of the egg) to seal the hole. Set the egg hole side up to dry. Paint and embellish the egg carton to match.

10 DIY confetti eggs & cascarones ideas

Now that we know how to make cascarones, let’s look at ways to customize and really make them artfully yours! Here are some of my ideas, as well as other I found online! Enjoy!

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Glitter and Gold Cascarones 

glitter and gold cascarones

Using gold leaf, glitter and watered down paints, you can have an elegant and classy look for your cascarones. By CraftyChica.com

No Frills Cascarones

no-frills cascarones

If you have a LOT to make for an event – skip all the fancy stuff and get the job done. Ask your friends and family to save the empty egg shells for you. Dye them in bulk in a big pot for the color and then use simple tissue paper, even newspaper or magazine pieces to cover the hole. You can see MaryChuy demo large production here.

Dip Dye Cascarones

YouTube video

Clevery shows how to create marbled eggs as well as several other nice ideas!

Luchador Cascarones

Break out your craft paints or paint pens and make luchador-inspired cascarones!

Strawberry Cascarones

Strawberry cascarones
Strawberry cascarones by Oh Happy Day.


I am screaming right now. These are sooo creative and absolutely adorable! This idea is from Oh Happy Day, and yes, we are happy indeed with this project!

Artelexia Cascarones

Cascarones by Artelexia
Cascarones by Artelexia.com

Artelexia is one of my all-time favorite Mexi-shops. Located in San Diego, Artelexia is more than a shop – they have workshops, events and more. And here are cascarones from a workshop. They used everything from markers to glitter and lots of creativity!

Talavera-inspired cascarones

talavera-inspired cascarones


I made these and I can vow they are so easy! Simply use brown eggs and white paint. The look is so pretty and classic – inspired by Talavera ceramics!

Darker hue cascarones

YouTube video

Chezlin started with brown eggs and then dyed them – and the result is a darker hue. I’m really digging these!

Emoji Cascarones (or Easter eggs)

YouTube video

This is from mi amiga, Laura – she is brilliant! She decorated these as Easter eggs but they can also be used as cascarones. Aren’t they so cute? By Las Recetes de Laura.

Hand-painted cascarones

crafty chica cascarones
Hand painted cascarones by Crafty Chica.

Even though these are intended to be smashed and crushed, I still spent time hand painting each one like a mini-canvas. I used watered down craft paint and sparkle varnish. They are filled with sequins and mini-pompoms.

Thanks for checking out these cascarones ideas, I hope you found one you like!

And here is a little story time for you!


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