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The absolute cutest DIY Peeps earrings!

Here is the cutest DIY Peeps earrings project! You’ll want to make plenty to make and share with friends because they come out sooo cool!

Before we go into this project tutorial, can we just acknowledge how peeps have become part of Easter pop culture? There are Peeps art exhibits centered around the fuzzy, marshmallow treats, as well as all kinds of crafts.

My favorite are the chocolate covered peeps. But honestly, I can only eat one because they are just so sweet. However, when it comes to getting creative with the concept of those cute little bunnies and chickies, my mind has so many ideas!

The history of Peeps!

In case you haven’t heard of them – Peeps are a very popular marshmallow candy. Shaped like small chicks, bunnies, and other animals, they are a staple of Easter baskets! Not only Easter, but the brand has extended designs and flavors for other holidays as well.

Peeps were first created in the early 1950s by the Rodda Candy Company, a family-owned candy manufacturer in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The company had been making marshmallow candies for several decades, but the Peeps brand was a new innovation.

Initially, Peeps were hand-squeezed from a pastry tube, and each one had two small black eyes made of chocolate. They were sold as a year-round candy, but they soon became popular as an Easter treat.

In the 1960s, the Rodda Candy Company was acquired by Sam Born, a candy maker who had invented the machine that automatically inserts sticks into lollipops. Born expanded the Peeps brand, introducing new colors and shapes, including the iconic yellow chicks.

Today, Peeps are produced by Just Born, Inc., which was founded by Sam Born’s son. Just Born produces more than 2 billion Peeps each year and has expanded the brand to include new flavors, colors, and shapes. In addition to Easter, Peeps are now sold year-round and are a popular snack for Halloween, Christmas, and other holidays.

About these Peeps earrings

peeps earrings

I came across this Peeps silicone mold at Walmart, and knew exactly what I wanted to make. For this project, we are using two-part resin to create a little peeps earrings that look like candies!

The way they look so unique is that they are hand-painted and then coated with resin, so it looks like the paint is embedded on top of the glitter. They’re pretty cool when you see them up close.

Supplies to make DIY peeps earrings

Two-part resin
Wax paper or silicone mat
Silicone mold of the mini Peeps
Hot pink translucent glitter
Acrylic craft paints
A small rotary drill to make holes to add the earring findings
Gloves and mask


Put on the gloves and a mask. Work on a flat surface, covered with wax paper or a plastic table cover.

DIY Peeps Earrings
Silicone mold, purchased at Walmart.

Follow the directions of the resin, I used two-part resin, which required equal parts of A and B.

Use a chopstick to mix in a small cup until thoroughly blended.

diy peeps earrings
Add in a dash of the pink glitter and stir until it is thoroughly mixed.

Pour into the resin, molds and lift, and slightly drop it on the table so the resin will spread evenly throughout all of the crevices.

diy peeps earrings

Let it set for 24 hours and then remove from the mold.

diy peeps earrings

They come out kinda clear and transluscent – they already look great!

diy peeps earrings

Use a small paintbrush, or headpin to paint designs on the cured resin pieces.

diy peeps earrings

What’s the paint is dry, mix up a new batch of resin, but leave it clear.

Coat each of the pieces with the clear resin, and let cure overnight.

diy peeps earrings

Once it is fully cured, use a rotary tool to make a little hole at the top so you can attach your earring findings.

diy peeps earrings

Don’t they look great? You can mix and match the glitter colors and even personalize them!


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