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DIY Photo Frame Box

This DIY photo frame box is genius and soooo easy to create. I saw the idea on TikTok and wanted to make my own home decor version – it also works great for storage space on a desk or nightstand.

This easy tutorial is for a Mother’s Day gift, but you can make it for whatever reason or season you’d like!

The best part is you don’t need any power tools – just frames, glue, and your creativity! What I love most about this project is it has so many layers. The fact that it is a functional piece makes it worthy alone.

But then using the picture frames for photos, art, ephemera, font art, quotes – it gives it even more personality. And lastly – the gift basket element. You can fill it with all kinds of treats and goodies! 

All we’re doing is taking simple frames and glue them together.

Supplies for this easy DIY photo frame box:

Four picture frames of the same size and shape. Check out a thrift store or discount shops. Old frames will give it more personality, but try to find some that line up evenly. Different sizes might be hard to make a box from!

Large frames are best if you want a big box. Mini frames are cute for party favors. I went with 5×7 frames – the middle of the two! I found wood frame work nicely, just sand away any shiny finish. So the glue will grip better.

diy-photo frame box

Favorite photos for the frames. Bust out the family photos! Use standard photo prints or get creative and use a computer program to make custom art.

You can also use child’s artwork, greeting cards, wallpaper samples, magazine collages, whatever you’d like!

Glue. I used a glue gun and glue sticks, but you can also use wood glue. 

Helpful tip: Masking tape to hold your pieces together while the glue dries. 

queen of hearts frame box
This is the same concept. I made this box in 2000!

Craft paint, spray paint, wood stain – whatever you want to decorate your box

Items to fill the basket: Candies, candle, etc.

Other items:


Packing tape

Paper shred

Floral foam

Wood, foam board, or cardboard to use as the base for the box


​Silk flowers

Other embellishments: Washi tape, stickers, metallic markers, paint pens, paint color, etc

Directions for DIY photo frame box:

Remove the backs and glass from each frame. You should be left with four empty frames. 

Insert the pictures inside each frame and assemble them again.

Remove the frame stand from the back of each one. You may have to twist it off.

Sand the sides where you will be glueing. This will create a grip for the glue. Glue the frames together.

Assemble the box

Using a glue gun, apply glue along the edges of one of the frames and press it against the edge of another frame. Hold the frames together until the glue sets. Repeat step until all four frames are glued together, forming a square or rectangular shape. If you use wood glue, use masking tape to hold the box together as the glue dries.

Reinforce the corners and sides of the box. Add additional glue along the inside edges of the frames where they meet. This will ensure that the gift basket is sturdy and can hold items without falling apart. Wipe away any excess glue.

Glue the wood piece to the bottom of the box. This can be a wood board, cardboard (use a box cutter for a straight edge), foam core, or scrap wood. This is so your box can actually hold items!

Turn the box upright. Insert floral foam inside the box, insert the flower stems. 

Create the gift basket

Fill with the shredded paper.

Insert bigger items in the back and fill with smaller items up front.

Great idea: Use double-sided tape on items to chopsticks so you can insert them into the floral foam. It’s an easy way to make your basket will look much nicer!

Add decorative touches such as ribbon or twine around the outside of the frames, or attaching flowers or other embellishments.


  • Choose picture frames that are the same size and shape to ensure that the gift basket looks uniform.
  • Use sturdy glue to ensure that the frames are securely attached.
  • Make it unique! This is a unique way to impress mom. Add in quotes of hers, all her favorite goodies, and even helpful coupons!
  • Make the most of the sides of the frame (box). So no matter how you turn it, there is something happy to see!

Other ideas:

Use it as a planter box

Transform it into a shadow box.

Host a craft night with your family and friends to make these. 

And there you go – one amazing keepsake box that didn’t cost a lot of money, and didn’t take a lot of time! Isn’t this a great way to use up old frames?


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