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How to make a Beehive Wig

Here is how to make a Beehive Wig!

Because you just never know when you might need one, right?


How to make a Beehive Wig

So really, you’d want to do this project with a black wig if you are going for an Amy Winehouse homage. Otherwise use whatever color you want.

But you’ll need to fend for the Cleopatra eyeliner all by yourself…


how to make a beehive wig
Wouldn’t this look great with this wig?

Wig, long straight hair
Embroidery floss, needle
Batting (24 by 6 inches) rolled up
Foam wig head
Teasing comb
Aqua Net hair spray
Hair tinsel
Hair clips
Hot glue
Embellishments for hair: gems, flowers, leaves, plastic insects, etc.
•Spray glitter


Move the hair away from the crown of the wig.

Using the embroidery floss and needle and working from the inside of the wig, hand stitch on the roll of batting so it stands up on the outside of the wig.

This will give your beehive proper shape.

Slip the wig on the foam head.

Use the comb to separate a layer of hair at the crown of the wig. Holding one chunk at a time, bring hair up and swirl it around the batting, using the Aqua Net as the adhesive.

Repeat until the batting is covered and the wig looks complete. Take the Fantasy Fiber and stretch it in random places around the wig for an extra shiny look.

Let it set until firm.

Embellish using hot glue. Add whatever decorations you want, such as flowers, plastic insect, gems, etc. Add a light layer of spray glitter for a finished look.

Let dry and then use.

Tip: Flatten your hair so the wig will fit your skull better.


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