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How to make beaded bobby pins

Here is how to make beaded bobby pins – it is easier than you think!


I’m on a mission to find new ways to style my hair, and these beaded bobby pins are an easy fix! I have a LOT of small beads, all neatly organized by color and shape in  my art studio, as well as containers of small trinkets.  

I combined all of them to create a variety of these bobby pins!

Here is the link to my video tutorial!

YouTube video



 Silicone Craft Mat and extra strength adhesive (non- wire version)

Bobby pins
Beads of your choice (make sure the hole is big enough for the wire)
Craft wire, colorful! (24 gauge is ideal for its flexibility and strength)
– Wire cutters
– Needle-nose pliers


Cut about 6-8 inches of wire. This length is enough to wrap around the bobby pin and secure the beads.

Slide the beads you’ve chosen onto the wire. Adjust the number of beads based on how much of the bobby pin you want to cover.

Start by wrapping the wire tightly around one end of the bobby pin. Use the pliers to tighten the wrap and ensure the wire end is not protruding.

Place the beads along the top flat part of the bobby pin in your desired design. Wrap and position one bead on top, then wrap again and position the next bead. Keep going until you have an even row of beads. 

It might take a few times to get it right, but don’t give up! Practice!

Wrap the wire around both the beads and the top of the bobby pin securely. Make sure the wire goes over and under the beads to hold them firmly.

Once all the beads are added and you’re happy with the arrangement, wrap the remaining wire around the end of the bobby pin several times. Trim any excess wire and use the pliers to flatten any sharp ends.

Make any final adjustments to the bead placement and test the bobby pin in your hair to ensure no wire ends stick out or catch.


– Choose bead sizes and colors based on the occasion—smaller beads for everyday wear and larger, colorful beads for special events.
– Try different wire colors and types for various looks.
– Add small charms or sequins with the beads for extra decoration.

Enjoy making and wearing your unique beaded bobby pins!

Glue method

Simply slide the bobby pins onto the mat, add a line of the glue and place your items on the top of the pin.

Adjust as needed so they are evenly lined up. Let dry, remove and snip away any excess glue.

You can use hot glue, but extra strength glue will last longer and be more durable. Let your pins dry while on the silicone mat.


To make the beaded version, the video shows an easy method, basically you will thread on a bead and wrap the wire around and continue.


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YouTube video

Thanks for checking out my post about how to make beaded bobby pins for your hair! Video tutorial and lots of pictures, a fun way to customize any outfit or hairstyle!


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