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Stamped Pewter Jewelry

Here is how to make stamped pewter jewelry!

I found a shortcut to metal stamping! I didn’t invent this stamped pewter jewelry method, there are different variations on the Internet, but I mixed and matched until I came up with a process I liked. I really enjoy bringing down the hammer on soft metal, but it’s nice to have an alternative that is a bit quicker, and gives a different kind of look.



A jewelry torch: I used the Bernzomatic Trigger Start 3 in 1 Micro Torch ST2200 (you can purchase at Home Depot or other hardware stores).

Pewter blanks: You can find these at jewelry supply stores, or online at ImpressArt.com

Rubber stamps

Bowl of water


Most important: GLOVES & GOGGLES

Penny Brite cleaner, small rag

Sharpie marker or black craft paint

Fire brick



Here is what the blank looks like. I set up the fire brick, cleared my area, then made sure my torch was filled with Bernzomatic butane. Put on the gloves and the mask.


On the side of the torch is the flame level adjustment, I put it in the middle. Place the pendant on the fire brick, then click the safety latch and push the button on the torch. Guide the flame over and pendant in even strokes until it heats up.


You can tell when it is ready for stamping because the pendant will bubble up and look liquified.


Press the stamp into the melted pendant. This is why it is important to wear gloves, you don’t want any of the hot pewter to touch your skin!


Use the tweezers to remove the pewter from the stamp. Your stamp will not be harmed, promise!


Drop it in the bowl of water to quench it.


I loved how it turned out so I pulled out my word stamps and made some pendants with these too!


Here they are sitting in the bowl of water.


This is what they look like cooled. If you like this kind of look, you can leave them as is, but I wanted mine to be polished up.


I bought this tub of Penny Brite on Amazon, and it’s easy to use. Simply wipe and scrub away the debris using a soft cloth. It will bring the pieces back to a silver color.


And, they’ll look like this! They still need more definition though. One-by-one, coat with black Sharpie or craft paint and wipe off the excess.


See how it brings out the words and designs?


Be aware of the hole at the top of the pendant, so you don’t cover it when you stamp.

Be ready to have some fails. Here are mine. If you stamp wrong, you can reheat the pendant and do it again, but after that, it will break down.


You can also press other items into it.

Instead of using a pewter blank, you can just melt solder into a large dollop and press into that.


Thanks for checking out my latest post!

I love my Bernzomatic torch, I use it for all kinds of crafts and jewelry making. To think I used to be intimidated!



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