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10 Beach towel crafts

Here are ten beach towel crafts you’ll want to add to your crafty summer roster!

Beach towels are the summer cousin to one-yard of fabric. There are so many useful things to make from just one towel. 

Keep in mind – terry cloth can be a little challenging at first because of the thickness and texture. I put some tips together to review before you dive into these projects!

Terry cloth sewing tips

unpaper towels diy

– Use a sharp, heavy-duty needle, such as a size 90/14 or 100/16, to handle the thickness and texture of terry cloth.

– Use a longer stitch length (3-4 mm) to prevent the fabric from bunching up and to allow for easier sewing.

– Adjust the presser foot pressure on your sewing machine to accommodate the thickness of the fabric. Reduce the pressure if the fabric is not feeding smoothly.

– Pin (or use fabric clips) the fabric layers together generously to keep them from shifting. Use sturdy pins that can handle the thickness of the fabric.

– After sewing, trim and grade the seams to reduce bulk. This will help the finished project lay flat and look neater.

– Terry cloth frays easily, so finish raw edges with a serger, zigzag stitch, or by using binding tape to prevent fraying and give a clean finish.

– Terry cloth can shed a lot of lint. Clean your machine when oyu are done.

And before you start an actual project – practice on scrap towel first!

Beach towel crafts

Okay, let’s do this! Here are ten ideas, and i’ll add more as I think of them or find them online. Let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas! Click the title for project link.

1. Beach towel tote

This is soooo easy – simply use one large towel to make two totes. It’s great for the beach, travel, or taking your pert to the park.

beach towel tote


2. Pool Cover-Up

I saw this by The Sewing Room Channel and thought it was so brilliant! It’s more of a cover-up than a poncho. But I bet you could make a poncho too!

YouTube video


3. Zippered Make-up bag

Follow along to make a fabric zipper bag, but sub out with the beach towel. These are so cute to make an give as gifts. Fill them with lip balm, a little tube of sunscreen, and a small bag of mixed nuts.

zippered make-up bag from a towel.

4. Surf Poncho with Hoodie

This is absolutely so cool. I like the idea of mixing and matching different towels. The DIY Designer brought this idea to LIFE!

YouTube video

5. Pocket pillow with handles

I’ve seen these pocket pillows used for reading, but it would also work great with a beach towel for summer fun. This project is by Tamara’s Joy. I’m inspired!

YouTube video

6. Pocket pillow 

This is a pillow sleeve, but it has pockets. You can stuff it with another towel, clothing, and head to the beach or pool. You’ll have a comfy place to rest your head or feet.

7. Embroidered pool or beach towel

Let’s talk about this first. First of all, what a great idea to customize a beach towel, right? This video shows how to use an embroidery sewing machine. Awesome! But what if you don’t have one of those? 

Try these ideas:

  • Hand embroidery
  • Stitch on terry cloth applique letters
  • Use fabric markers on on fabric and sew along the ends of your towel.

YouTube video

8. Bleach Stenciled Towels

OMG, yes!! This is from HGTV Handmade and they use letter stickers to create a super cool towel design!

YouTube video

9. Tie-dye beach towel

This combines two summer faves – beach towels and tie dye! Here is how to make your own-one-of-a-kind towel!

tie dye beach towel

10. Beach towel blanket

I saw this on TV years ago and have always wanted to make one. The idea is to sew a bunch of beach towels together to make a giant blanket that you can use in the back yard or at the beach. I was so happy to find this video! 

YouTube video

Other beach towel crafts:

  • Yoga mat
  • Patio pool chair covers
  • Pet bed
  • Hair wrap
  • A caftan! 

Thanks for checking out this post, I hope you like it and have a happy summer!

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