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DIY Letter charm necklace

DIY Letter charm necklace – I promise you will not regret making this. It makes a perfect custom gift for a friend, loved one, or just for you! 



Supplies for a letter charm necklace:

Shop around for different types of font charms to spell out your name. You can do an Internet search for “letter charms” and you’ll find a lot of different styles. I love the vintage ones! I looked on Etsy and found a lot of sellers.

Chain to make your charms. You can buy a new chain or upcycle old jewelry to give your necklace more a story. 

Decide how long you want your necklace. I suggest it set across your lower neck so the letters will show nicely and evenly.

Jump rings

Needle nose pliers

Necklace clasp


Measure your necklace chain and cut to desired size. Leave room for the clasp.

Set the chain out in a line and auditioned the placement of your charms. 

Leave room between each letter.

Use the needle pliers to open the jump ring. Here is a helpful video to show how to properly open and close a jump ring:

YouTube video

Add the charm to the jump ring and close so the ends of the jump ring meet. No gap! enjoy your DIY Letter charm necklace!

Continue until your letter charms are attached. Make a charm bracelet to match!

Here is another tip – I always scour the clearance racks at stores, like Target. I came across this necklace there, and look – it has enough chain for gobs of other jewelry projects!


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DIY Letter charm necklace


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