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Rainbow swirl by Crafty Chica

Rainbow Swirl Tie Dye

Rainbow Swirl tie dye is one of the easiest techniques and yields bright and bold results! Our kids contributor, Meagan from recently shared this cute

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Bleach and dyed shirt

Bleach Dyed Shirt

Check out this project that Maya did  – Bleach Dyed Shirts! You use a stencil on a cotton shirt, apply bleach gel, then wash it

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Tie-dye heart shirt by

Tie-Dye Heart Shirt

‘Tis the season for red, white, and blue. If you’re looking to have some patriotic fun with your crafts in time for the fireworks, here is

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Tie-dye sneakers DIY.

How to Tie-Dye Sneakers

Ever felt like taking some fabric dye to your white shoes? Us too! My daughter, MayaInTheMoment, shows you how to tie-dye your sneakers using Tulip Tie-Dye!

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