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Patrick in action!

Patrick is working on two large paintings that together look like a big outdoor courtyard. In the exhibit we are workingon, one of the rooms

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Empanada pin cushion tutorial by

Empanada Pin Cushions

  This may be my kitschiest project yet: Empanada pin cushions! After seeing so many fiber artists have their way with cupcake pincushions, I thought

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Make up moment

Yesterday, I did some damage at Sephora. I’ve never been the type to splurge or indulge in fancy make up products, even though I have

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The Therapist

This is a custom shadow box that Patrick made for a client. I wanted to share it, just to remember the detail he puts into

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Family karaoke time!

The TV was off at our house last night. Patrick had finished practicing with the band and all the furniture was pushed up against the

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