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21 thoughts on “Crafty Chica by Email!”

  1. Thank you for posting so we wouldn’t miss out. That would have been sad for all. Would hate to miss out on such creativity and talent and inspiration. Thank you again for all you share!

  2. I am interested in Skull / dia de los muertos fabric. My daughter recently got married and wants this as her bedroom décor and bedding. Do you still have fabric to sell? I am from San Antonio and love to shop locally. please let me know as her home will soon be ready and I would like to make her some pillow cases and Valances. thank you love your website.

  3. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the heart wire earrings! Years ago I learned this technique, but have pretty much forgotten how easy and how much fun it is. You have inspired me to get started again!!

  4. Thank you for your beautiful, inspiring website, Pinterest, and Facebook goodies! I’ve just discovered your talent, which inspires me to stay busy while in my new-found recovery from addiction. What better way to learn to keep my hands busy! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Kathy!

  5. Your work is magical! I bought one of your beautiful crosses that said “Better Tomorrow” after my Mama died and hung it in our bedroom for about a year. Then my friend’s parents died within a couple of months of each other and i gave it to her. She has since passed it on to another.

  6. you are doing an incredible job! I love the feel of your blog, OPEN, FRIENDLY, FEMALE, EFFECTIVE, & THAT TOUCH OF LOVE THAT MAKES IT OBVIOUS THAT YOU ARE A MOTHER. I hope to share this blog with other’s at the studio. Most of us have some disability (otherabled?) and find that we must find a way to get ourselves above the poverty level that being on SSDI has left us. We may not be able to work a full day but there is no reason that we cannot use our hands,minds and hearts to put together things that we enjoy and those things that other’s will enjoy too. Love the article on pricing your hand made items.Mother’s are a very special group and we possess many gifts that we must share, Have a great day Chica and thank you for sharing are the great motivation with us.

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