craft companies to follow

23 Craft companies and makers to follow!

  Here are 23 awesome craft companies and makers to follow to give you inspiration for the new year! I hosted my first ever virtual retreat early last month. 100 guests joined in and we crafted more than a dozen projects over the course of two nights and three days.

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How to balance hustle and flow

Hustle and flow – What exactly does this mean? For starters it is an award-winning 2005 film about a rapper hustling to find his flow in the world and his dreams. Here’s me as a mom who loves to craft. Nothing in common, right? A LOT in common, actually. Hustle

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Drink coasters from plastic bags! #craftychica

Plastic Bag Crafts: DIY Drink Coasters

  This year, I’ve challenged myself to do more with recycling and repurposing. For those items that can’t be recycled at home, repurposing is a great way to give them a second life. At by Republic Services you can get tons of information about how to recycle correctly, as well as activities that

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candy can hearts

Candy Cane Hearts

Fun project to make for your upcoming holiday party! These are thin peppermint hearts made from candy canes! Supplies: Mini candy canes Cookie sheet Parchment paper Heart cookie cutter Directions: Preheat the oven to 300 degrees. Open the candy canes and place them like a heart on the cookie sheet.

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Winter Window Crafts for Kids

If you have children, you’re surely trying to keep them occupied with fulfilling, creative activities during the winter. If you live in a cold area, surely there is snow covering your yard. To enjoy the scenic winter wonderland outside of your home while giving your children a fun project to

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Bottle Cutting 101: DIY Vases & Glasses

Welcome to glass bottle cutting 101! This technique is much easier than you think, and you can make a collection of beautiful drinking glasses or painted vases.  While recycled glass can be remade into new glass bottles and jars, fiberglass, faux turf, and countertops, glass is not recyclable in all

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Kathy Cano-Murillo

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Hi, I’m Kathy, The Crafty Chica! My specialty is creative motivation. I’m an artist, author, and speaker and this is where I share my craft tutorials, artwork, articles, books, product lines, and workshops!

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Papel Picado

Every year around Dia de los Muertos I make a new set of Papel Picado banners. There is a traditional, painstaking way, but I go

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I crashed in a balloon ride – and loved it!

Flying high in the sky – and then crashing down – in a hot air balloon ride certainly tops my 2016 adventures! At the time I agreed to do it, I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d really follow through. Ack, the fear! But I did it and here’s how it went

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Tears, exercise, and popcorn!

This was one of those days that I’ll remember for a long time. So, you know how I’ve been on this weight loss mission? I have my food routine down pat. But it’s boring due to repetition. This morning I woke up and told Patrick, “I’m splurging on my points

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Losing weight, fresh ideas, evolving!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve checked in with an update of what is going on behind-the-scenes over here in Crafty Chicaland. Actually, I do share a lot on my Snapchat (add me at @craftychica), but THIS place is where it all began, so here we go. I’m

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