Bottle Cutting 101: DIY Vases & Glasses

Welcome to glass bottle cutting 101! This technique is much easier than you think, and you can make a collection of beautiful drinking glasses or painted vases.  While recycled glass can be remade into new glass bottles and jars, fiberglass, faux turf, and countertops, glass is not recyclable in all

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DIY Puffy Pendant #craftychica

Beaded Fabric Pendant + Poly-fil Giveaway!

  Poly-fil is one of those craft supplies we all have on hand. I used some to make puffy fabric pendants. It’s awesome because you can use it in pinches to give a little poof to your projects or a whole box to create jumbo pillows!  And guess what? The

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Educational crafts for kids this winter

Being a parent can be a tough job, but it’s worth it when you know you’ve found your calling. Most people spend 11 hours per week searching for the perfect job, but you’re already there. And with winter fast approaching, your parenting and entertainment skills need to be at their

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crafty navidad by Crafty chica #craftychica

Crafty Navidad Art Retreat!

Introducing – Crafty Chica’s Crafty Navidad Virtual Art Retreat! Are you ready for some hardcore crafting to kick off the holiday season? I know I am! This virtual retreat is going to be packed full of projects, ideas, and even a couple surprises to get you ready for the season!

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New! Crafty Chica product line for HSN

Finally! The new Crafty Chica product line is here! I’ve been working on it since January with The Maker’s Movement, and my segments aired on HSN earlier this month. Even though some products are sold out, there are still some for sale. I’d buy them sooner than later, they always

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How to: Hot Chocolate Bombs! #craftychica #hotchocolatebombs

Try this: Mexi Hot Chocolate Bombs!

Have you heard about hot chocolate bombs? I hadn’t, then one night while scrolling on TikTok I came across a tutorial. Not even 10 seconds in, I was like – OMG, I HAVE TO MAKE THESE! This recipe reminds of the whole Dalgona coffee craze that happened last spring. Yup,

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Free printable: La Catrina pop-up card #craftychica #dayofthedead

History of La Catrina + Free Muertos Printable

  Not only are we talking about the history of La Catrina, but I also have a free muertos printable! I’ve created and compiled all the design elements you need to make a super cool pop-up card. All you need is a blank card or cardstock, glue stick, scissors and

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Free printable: Sugar Skull Paper Banner #craftychica #printable #muertos

FREE PRINTABLE: Sugar Skull Paper Banner

You are going to love these free printables I created in honor of Dia de los Muertos! This one is the Sugar Skull Paper Banner and what makes it such a fun craft is you can download the free printable and follow along with my directions to make it however

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Kathy Cano-Murillo

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Hi, I’m Kathy, The Crafty Chica! My specialty is creative motivation. I’m an artist, author, and speaker and this is where I share my craft tutorials, artwork, articles, books, product lines, and workshops!

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Gratitude Bottles

  Thanksgiving is around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking of heartful ways to celebrate. For this campaign, these Thanksgiving Gratitude Bottles were

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Painted holiday trees #craftychica #holidaycrafting

Painted Holiday Trees

I am all about holiday crafting these days. These painted holiday trees are a result of many double mochas, binge-watching Christmas films on Netflix, and

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DIY Art Journal

Let’s make a DIY art journal! Here’s another result of clearing out my art room – scrap paper! I’ve been seeing a lot of videos

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Lefty Clutch-Journal

I’m a lefty and am always frustrated with notebooks and journals made for righthanders. Therefore I decided to use my crafty superpowers and create a

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Memories: Rock N Roll High School

When one of the most well-respected editors in the city asks you to write a first-person story for one of the biggest publications in town, you almost faint from the anxiety. That was my scenario, anyway. A few months ago, Amy Silverman, managing editor of Phoenix New Times offered me

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When I knew he loved me…

From the first day I met Patrick, I knew I would spend the rest of my life with him. It took a while for him to realize it, but the bottom line is, he did. And I remember the day. It was a year and a half before we were

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