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Holiday Cleaning Tips with Bona Floor Products

The holiday season means lots of crafty messes, guests in the house and managing pets and kids. Let me turn you on to one of my trusty cleaning methods – the Bona Premium Spray Mop and Hard Surface Floor Cleaner! Tile floors look great but take a bit of up

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2nd annual Crafty Navidad

2nd Annual Crafty Navidad Retreat!

Registration is now open for the 2nd Annual Crafty Navidad, hosted by me, Kathy, The Crafty Chica! Click here to register if you can’t see the link below!    I’ll guide you along, every step of the way via livestream! This retreat will be recorded so you can watch/rewatch at

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Poncho Power!

I came across some gorgeous ponchos that are perfect for the winter season. These are so easy to accessorize and you can dress them up or down for casual or evening glam! Here is the link if you can’t see the options below.  

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dia de muertos ofrenda

Elements of a Dia de Muertos Ofrenda

Here are the elements of a Dia de Muertos ofrenda. This tradition hits deep in my heart this year. I lost my mom, and two very dear friends (two Phoenix Fridas!). We have less than a week to go, but I’ve been working on creating this altar all this week. 

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Halloween costumes, Latino-style!

Random fact about me – I’m addicted to TikTok (and Instagram!). I’ve been seeing all kinds of cool and clever costumes, so I thought i’d share them here! Even if you don’t plan to dress up for Halloween, these are just plain fun to see. Take notes for next year!

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Last minute Halloween ideas!

Here are some last minute Halloween ideas, seeing we are less than a week away from the 31st! There are a lot of reasons why many people wait until the week of…life is busy these days, but that doesn’t mean to scratch the whole season. Embrace the week!!! Here are

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Kathy Cano-Murillo

Let’s connect!

Hi, I’m Kathy, The Crafty Chica! My specialty is creative motivation. I’m an artist, author, and speaker and this is where I share my craft tutorials, artwork, articles, books, product lines, and workshops!

Let’s work together! Check out my services page HERE.

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How to make pop up cards #craftychica #popupcard #cardmakingideas

DIY Pop-Up Cards

These DIY pop-up cards are absolutely perfect for so many things – using up excess paper craft supplies, bonding time with family in your house

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Mexi-Style Ceramic Bowls

I’ve been obsessed with Mexican fabrics, since, like forever. From the gorgeous embroidered peasant blouses to colorful striped serapes to heavy woven rugs. Because I’m

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Fringe benefits of curly Hair #craftychica #bighair #latinawriter

Fringe benefits: Livin’ that big hair life

The first time I recognized its power? Age nine. During that era, my mom spent hours every week perfecting a variety of looks on my head, embellished with ribbons and ornate barrettes. It didn’t stop there. Home girl made it her mission to match my dresses, knee socks and shoes. 

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When Mom Threw the Christmas Tree

“Can we please just have a little bit of Christmas magic? I’m not picky, I’ll take anything. Anything!” That sums up my thoughts for the holiday season of 2002. Between skimpy finances, long work hours, parenting, and fulfilling art and craft orders – all of it took its toll on

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What to do if a chile seed goes up your nose

I’m a strong-willed woman, college educated, a multi-tasking queen, and I run a happy household. That’s all nice. But why can’t I cook? This feeling of inadequacy hits me every December. As a Latina, aren’t I supposed to be genetically engineered with culinary super powers? Geez, at least for tamal

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