DIY Silkscreens using Ikon Art Stencil Maker #craftychica #diysilkscreens #ikonart

DIY Silkscreens: Ikon Art Review

  I’m excited to finally post my Ikon Art Stencil Maker review – a.k.a. DIY silkscreens! I first saw this Ikon Art system at the 2019 Creativation trade show and was blown away by how easy it looked to make your own silkscreens (they call them “smart screen stencils”). But

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Resin Crafts: DIY Glitter Earrings – Sparkle Collage!

In the mood for resin crafts? DIY glitter earrings? YES! I call them Sparkle Collage Hoops! Here’s the deal: I’ve built up quite the sparkle library of embellishments and I’ve slowly been making my way through downsizing. What does one do with a lifetime glitter collection when there is I

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Use your Cricut Maker to create glitter totes. #craftychica #cricutcreated

Cricut Maker: DIY Glitter Tote Bags

I used my Cricut Maker to create these beautiful DIY glitter totes using iron-on vinyl. First I made one and then it came out so cool, I ended up whipping out several more. Keeping substrates on hand is a usual thing in my studio, I have blank canvas totes, tees,

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Four fun crafty ideas to try!

How many of you are still hanging out at home? This one is dedicated to you – here are four fun crafty ideas to try. These are some well-loved projects that I thought should make the rounds again. From sewing to tie-dye to painted shoes – there is something for

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Buenas Vibras: Exciting Crafty Chica updates

24/7 craft party! Here are some fun Crafty Chica updates! Finally, after all these years I created a Las Crafty Chica group on Facebook so folks can come together to share projects, ideas, techniques, or crafty advice. I plan to offer exclusive giveaways, business tips, craft challenges, and more. If

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Summer Activities for Single Moms and Kids

Ready for some summer activities for single moms and kids? When almost 50% of marriages end in divorce, it’s not uncommon to be a single mom. But if this is your first summer as a single mom, you might be a little bit out of your element when it comes to

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How to make scrapbook paper journals #craftychica #scrapbookpaper #bookmaking

Scrapbook Paper Journals – with Pockets!

These scrapbook paper journals may just save your craft room! Why? Because you’ll want to use up your paper stash to make them, that will free up some space! I love crafts where you can use one item and easily transform it into something wow-worthy. Things like mason jars, T-shirts,

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Why you need this painted hat tutorial! #craftychica #paintedhats

Why you need this painted hat tutorial!

A chica buys one Fiddle Leaf Fig and now she’s a plant mama-in-training. I’m that chica! And my love of all things leafy spilled over into my craft projects. Check out my plant-themed painted hat tutorial! I promise this is a DIY anyone can do, the trick is to use

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When I knew he loved me…

From the first day I met Patrick, I knew I would spend the rest of my life with him. It took a while for him to realize it, but the bottom line is, he did. And I remember the day. It was a year and a half before we were

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Craft Fail: I Suck at Gingerbread Houses

This one breaks my crafty heart. I’m finally stepping up tot he plate to admit that I SUCK at making gingerbread houses. You see, every year a local organization, The Neighborhood Housing Services of Phoenix, holds an event called Home Sweet Home. They invite people from the community to decorate

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