I have twenty years experience as an entrepreneur, artist, freelance writer, newspaper reporter, syndicated columnist, author, product developer, branding expert, motivational speaker, social media maven, and best of all – as a working mom who found a way to make her artful dreams come true!

I am on a mission to pay it forward and help other men and women fulfill their dreams and reach their goals!

My workshops and seminars are fun, high energy, sessions. I use photos, samples, creativity exercises, insider tips and more! My goal is for everyone to leave the room with the feeling of excitement and empowerment to get going on their projects. I want them to go home and stay up all night to brainstorm! That is usually the feedback I hear after my lectures, workshops, and seminars!

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– How to Rock Your Web Site
– How to Create Web Videos That People Will Watch & Share
– Growing Your Brand
– Kamikaze PR for indie businesses
– How to Craft an Intriguing “Story Arc” Bio
– How to Conduct an Intriguing Interview
– How to Take Your Art from Local to Global
– How to Craft a Mission Statement for Your Idea/Brand
– How to Find Brilliant Ideas Through Non-Traditional Means
– Connecting With Local Media
– Embracing Technology: Social Networking, Smart Phones, Mobile Blogging
– How to Attract New Customers to Your Store

– Crafting Your Dreams
– Midnight Delight: Why Your Best Work Can Be Done After the Family Has Gone to Bed
– Shrine Making, Inspiration Boards, and Visual Manifestation of Your Life Goals
– Breaking through a Creativity Block
– How to Start and Run a Book or Craft Group
– Time Management for Creative People
– Underdog Superstar: How to Overcome Obstacles in Your Life and Career
– Little Victories: How to Attract Positivity into Your Life and Career

– Crafty Storytelling: How to Tell a Juicy Tale
– How To Turn Your Idea Into a Non-Fiction Book
– How To Brainstorm, Outline, Build Characters, and Get Going On Your First Novel
– How to Turn Readers into Crafters and Crafters into Readers
– Artful Blogging
– Creative Writing
– Art Journals
– How to Pitch Your Book, Your Business and YOU

Highlights of past speaking events

Valle Del Sol’s Hispanic Leadership Institute, 2013: Bringing la cultura into business

Hispancize 2012 and 2013: Branding, journalism, blogging essentials, book publishing

Craftcation 2013, How to Make Crafty Cash; Keynote speaker

Craft & Hobby Association Trade Show and Conference 2012, 2013: Art workshops, branding, social media.
Crafty and Hobby International Trade Show and Conference: Speaker, How To Make Great Web Videos, 2011
Scottsdale Society of Women Writers 2012: Keynote speaker.
Latino Book and Family Festival: Panelist for Author Book Promotion; Marketing Your Brand, 2010
Arizona Latino Arts & Cultural Center: Chica Lit author panel, 2010
The Creative Connection Event: Panelist for Women Entrepreneurs in the Creative Arts, 2010
Arizona Book Festival 2010, 2011, 2012: Speaker.
Hispanic Women’s Corporation, 2010, 2012: Moderator and panelist, Introduction to Social Networking, book publishing
Etsy Virtual Labs: Growing Your Brand, 2010

Make Workshop, Phoenix AZ: How to Take Your Art from Local to Global, 2009
Heard Museum: Women, Sex and the Arts, 2009
Scottsdale Center for the Arts: Guest docent for Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting Exhibit, Scottsdale, 2009
Art Unraveled: keynote speaker; Kamikaze PR, Phoenix, 2005-2009
National Association of Art Educators: Latino Lesson Plans for the Classroom, Minneapolis, 2009
Maker Faire: Kamikaze PR, Book Publishing/Licensing: San Francisco; Austin, 2007-2009
National Craft and Hobby Association: Hispanic Trending; Kamikaze PR; How to Rock Your Web Site; Future of Crafting, Anaheim, Chicago, Orlando, 2006-2009
Hispanic Women’s Conference: Chica Lit panel; Entrepreneurs, Phoenix, 2009
Valle del Sol, HLI program: Create an Empowerment Guardian, Phoenix, 2008
Salt River Project (for employees): Time Management for Creative People, Phoenix, 2008
Blog Her National Conference: Crafty Celebrities Panel, Chicago, 2007
New York Open Center: Empowerment Shrines & Goal Manifestation, New York Cit, 2007
Arizona Book Festival,: Craft book publishing, Phoenix, 2004-2007
Grand Canyon College (for students): Crafting Your Dreams, 2007
Phoenix College (for students): Crafting Your Dreams, 2007
Arizona Republic Newspapers in Education: Ideas for Using Newspapers in the Classroom, 2005-2007
Xaiver High School (students): How to Conduct an Interesting Interview , Phoenix, 2007
Nina de la Mujer, City of Phoenix: Empowerment Shrine Workshop, 2007
Northern Arizona University (for faculty): Crafting Your Dreams/Time Management, Flagstaff, 2006
Arizona State University West (for faculty): Crafting Your Dreams, Glendale, 2006
American Library Association: Book publishing/crafting/Q&A, Chicago, 2006
She’s Crafty Chicana Arts Panel: How to Brand and Promote Your Business, Los Angeles, 2006
Arizona Library Association: Keynote, Crafting Your Dreams, Phoenix, 2005
Chica Lit Writing Conference: Writer’s Shrine Workshop; Careers in Non-Fiction, Miami, 2006
National Association of Hispanic Journalists: Book publishing, New York City; Phoenix, 2004-2005271922-EssentialHispanicMarket_70220 4389379254_e3f22a211e_m

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