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  1. My Co worker Caty just introduced me to your website and I am impressed. I have two boys age 6 and 10 and they love to do crafts especially my 6 year old but I have no artistic skills. LOL I have a a feeling that your site is going to help me tremendously.

  2. I love your works!! I have been inspired by your artworks-you are craft-tagious!! Being Mexican/Norwegian, and living in Montana, my works tend to stand out, and I appreciate and admire your resourcefulness, colors and funness! 🙂 Thank You!!

  3. Love this site. It has inspired me and I cannot wait to start my own crafting with this inspirational , colorful, uplifting Blog!

  4. Been inspired by you for a long while now!!!!! Love all your posts & like to check in at michaels to see what they have of yours. I got a paint a saint over two years ago… It was the last one in a Ross store, lived it & gave it to my best friends mom after painting beading & accessoizing her. Will they ever be available again?

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