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So who is a crafty chica? Let me break it down:

crafty chica \kraf-TEE CHEE-kah\, noun:
1. An artsy, thrifty, quirky and ultra clever female. Addicted to extreme color, sparkly accents, and spreads the love through all things handmade.
2. Any person who celebrates life through art and inspires others to do the same.

• She is kitschy, thrifty & quirky •
• She takes naughty pleasure in slapping fresh paint on raw wood •
• She is clever & creative •
• She does not spend a lot of cash to make ultra hip stuff •
• She alters the rules with mucho imagination •
• She loves the smell of magic markers, especially the fruity ones •
• She can turn blah into “bling!” any time of the day •
• She doesn’t feel guilty about occasionally using stencils •
• She wears paint spills & glue gun burns with pride & honor •
• She appreciates & originates, while others imitate •

People often ask me to define the term, so I thought I’d share this! Crafty Chicas of the world unite!!

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