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PRODUCT REVIEWS: If you are interested in having your product featured on CraftyChica.com or any of the demos/event/TV segments/workshops I do, email me. I will try it out and if I love it, I will share it as an editorial review/feature. If you send me something, it does not guarantee coverage. NOTE: I LOVE to DIY and craft, so if you send something and I choose to feature it here on my site, there is a chance I will add a DIY element/spin to it. I’m creative like that! Mail a package: Crafty Chica  P.O. Box 486  Glendale, AZ 85311

What I cover:
– DIY: Home decorating, books, crafts, tools and techniques, substrates, kits, new products.
– Latino culture and BOOKS!
– Fashion: Beauty products, make-up, curly hair products, plus-size clothing, accessories, jewelry.
– Artful living: Photography, organization, cleaning, garden.
– Food, weight loss, healthy living: Cooking, dining, and guilty pleasure items to purchase.
– Arizona.
– Entertainment: Movies, DVDs, interviews, books, TV, music.
– Parenting of millennials.
– Travel.
– Pets: Dogs, Chihuahuas
– Tech: Computers, cameras, tablets, smartphones, home entertainment.
– Motivation, positivity, happiness.

– Business and branding for creative types like me.

What I don’t cover (unless you offer a crafty/artful angle!):
– Pregnancy, baby, toddler, K-8 topics.
– Video games.
– Sports (unless it is lifestyle/party related!).
– Outdoor recreation, unless you have a specific angle that fits with what I do!
– Medicine.

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