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Here are Latina DIYs and crafts for you to make and share, by Kathy, The Crafty Chica!

La Mera Mera: Latina DIY Crafty Ideas!

Crafts and beyond: Crafty ideas to kick start your creativity!

Latina style DIY by The Crafty Chica. Pictured: Kathy Cano-Murillo drinking coffee.

Hi, I’m Kathy Cano-Murillo,
The Crafty Chica!

Welcome to my Crafty Chica™ world of Latina DIY including: Crafts, recipes, home decor, travel, storytelling, & entrepreneurship! I’m an artist, author, and speaker. In addition to sharing craft tutorials, I also work in ceramics, create illustrations for greeting cards and stationery items, and more! I’m a fourth-gen maker & a third-gen Mexi-chica from Phoenix, AZ. I launched Crafty Chica™ in 2001 as a way to bring Latinocentric crafts to mainstream audiences. I hope you find mucho inspiration here! Let’s work together!

Crafty Chica store

Handmade items I created and sell in my online Crafty Chica store! Hecho con amor!

Food Hacks and recipes

When you are a creative comadre, but not the best chef – here are some clever food hacks to impress your friends & family.

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Crafty Chica, Kathy Cano-Murillo

Latina DIY is more than crafts

Latina DIY is much more than crafts. It’s my Crafty Chica message about creating a custom, artful, uplifting life you love. Using creativity as a way to make your mark on the world and to tell your story. This is what inspired me to start by Crafty Chica blog in 2001. Now, two decades later, I’m still at it because life is always evolving. From the shiny parts to the fails – every experience has a lesson.

I hope you’ll find some Latino crafts and beyond to inspire you, a relatable story, and something to share and make your own. Thank you for visiting my corner of the interwebs!