Why you need this painted hat tutorial! #craftychica #paintedhats

Why you need this painted hat tutorial!

A chica buys one Fiddle Leaf Fig and now she’s a plant mama-in-training. I’m that chica! And my love of all things leafy spilled over into my craft projects. Check out my plant-themed painted hat tutorial! I promise this is a DIY anyone can do, the trick is to use

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How to paint oilcloth-inspired shoes! #craftychica #paintedshoes

DIY Oilcloth-inspired Hand-painted Shoes

You will impress your friends with these DIY Oilcloth-inspired Hand-painted Shoes. I love Mexican oilcloth and think it deserves to be celebrated more than just for table covers or tote bags! How about high heels? I literally can’t wear these shoes but I did gift them to a friend who

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3 ways to use the jumprope app! #craftychica #jumprope

3 Ways to Use the Jumprope App

Here are three ways to use the Jumprope app! I’m into my second month working with it and I’ve been loving it! Have you had a chance to check it out? Jumprope is an app dedicated to tutorials of all kinds. But they are presented in a clear, step-by-step format

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How to make a portable chair caddy #craftychica #chaircaddydiy

How to Make a Chair Caddy for Books and Tablets

You need to make a chair caddy. For real. I’m a techie, a sketcher, a journaler, a crochet fiend, and a reader. And I move around a lot. One day I’m at my boutique, another time on the back patio. I’m usually working with a journal, papers, my laptop or

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Seven series to binge-watch #craftychica #bingewatch

Seven series to binge-watch

Here are seven series to binge-watch! Ever since the pandemic, I’ve been consuming a LOT more entertainment. Not just TV, but also audiobooks, playlists, podcasts, etc. I’ll watch shows while I paint or when I feel like I need a break from working. Here’s a thing about me: I like

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Shibori-tie-dye #craftychica

10 Tie-dye tips: Do and don’t checklist

Many of you have asked me questions about tie-dying, so I thought I’d put together this list of 10 Tie-dye tips for the perfect outcome! Actually, there are more than ten tie-dye tips, I lost count! I spent several years as a spokesperson for one of the best-selling tie-dye lines.

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Gardening with kids #craftychica #gardening #gardeningwithkids

Summer Gardening With Kids

It’s time for gardening with kids! We’re smack in the middle of summer and many parents spend endless amounts of energy to keep young ones busy. There are plenty of fun activities and crafts to keep your kids engaged throughout these summer months. If you, like so many others, have

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Decoupage Tissue Paper Frames

I made these decoupage tissue paper frames from a whirlwind of inspiration. I saw a picture of some colorful frames on the Anthro site, but each one was $38. Ugh, it made me think twice – did I LOVE these frames?  The answer was no, but only because I knew

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Make an appreciation plate for Father's Day #fathersday #craftychica

Father’s Day Appreciation Plates

Father’s Day crafts can be tough – how do we find the perfect gift for someone who seemingly has everything?  These Father’s Day Appreciation Plates get right to the point of why we love our dads – or stand-in dads. The idea is to write out all the things you

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Stamped Clay Mugs

Painting coffee mugs are my thing, I’m always looking for new ways to make them. For these stamped clay mugs, I used pasta letters! Here’s

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A Date With Nana

It’s been a while since I’ve visited my nana. I traveled so much last year, and then all the deadlines for work and such, I haven’t had time to see her as often as I like. So when my 96-year-old nana called me other day to take her out to

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