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Luisa Leon

Life Lessons from Luisa

    “Hi, Kathy!” she said as she clasped my hand and shook it eagerly. “I’m Luisa and I just want to let you know we’re gonna be really good friends!” She then burst out in giggles and patted the air with her hand to let me know to relax.

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My new book + Crafty Corazón online retreat!

My new book, The Crafty Chica Creates, is finally on sale! This title was supposed to come out in November, but due to all the shipping container issues it was delayed. It’s nice to know it all worked out! Here is the link to purchase! As a way to celebrate

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Crafty Chica Greeting Cards

Crafty Chica Greeting Cards

Did you know I designed a Crafty Chica collection of Latino greeting cards? There has been a LOT going on behind the scenes over here at the Crafty Chica headquarters. We’ll start with the cards and I’ll post in the future about the other exciting projects! NOTE: If you want

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How to Make Air-Dry Clay Ornaments!

You’ll love making these these air-dry clay ornaments! They are inexpensive, easy to craft, and come out looking so juicy and cheery. I crafted these for Christmas, but you can use any cookie cutters to theme them for any time of the year. They make great little giveaways, party favors,

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Buena Vida Matted Print

When you know life is good – or when you want to keep manifesting!  This print is part of the Crafty Chica “Dichos” collection. dichos translates as “sayings.” These are phrases or power words meant to motivate and help you take action on your goals, creative roadmap, as well as self-care! This

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You need a Mexi-Wreath!

I made this Mexi-Wreath because I bought some pan dulce ornaments and thought they deserved a bigger limelight than the branches on my Christmas tree. Look how cute these are! I bought them from Me Vale Creations, and immediately hung them on my tree. But my holiday decor was a

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Kathy Cano-Murillo

Let’s connect!

Hi, I’m Kathy, The Crafty Chica! My specialty is creative motivation. I’m an artist, author, and speaker and this is where I share my craft tutorials, artwork, articles, books, product lines, and workshops!

Let’s work together! Check out my services page HERE.

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Valentine wood hearts #craftychica #valentinecrafts

Wood Valentine Hearts

Transform large wood cut outs into colorful Spanish-language conversation woo Valentine hearts! Use to insert into floral arrangements or to hang on the wall!

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candy can hearts

Candy Cane Hearts

Fun project to make for your upcoming holiday party! These are thin peppermint hearts made from candy canes! Supplies: Mini candy canes Cookie sheet Parchment

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Family karaoke time!

The TV was off at our house last night. Patrick had finished practicing with the band and all the furniture was pushed up against the walls. The middle of the room was empty. Just like a stage. A stage hungry for raw, undiscovered talent. I was drinking a glass of

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30 life lessons from Dad

Here are 30 life lessons from dad – my dad. I made this piece to put on my dad’s headstone today. I know it will be removed, but that’s okay! My dad always expected me to make him things, so why should that change now? I wrote all the things

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Crazy Lady or Hipster Chica?

    I’ve never been one to think about age or aging, I’m happy for each year that rolls by. I’ve never paid attention to “Things to Do Before You Are 25” or “Items Not Wear After 50” – so superficial. I let my mood, curiosity and energy level drive

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