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Spring clean your carbon footprint

It’s time to spring clean your carbon footprint!

Primavera is finally here, and you know what that means: it’s time for some spring cleaning in your home. Cleaning clutter and unwanted items out of your home can be great, but what about cleaning up your home’s impact on the environment?

Spring is a great time to revamp your home to be a bit more eco-friendly. If you already recycle and take little steps to make your home greener, here are a few ways you can take your environmentally-friendly living to the next level.

Updating Appliances

If it’s been a while since you purchased new appliances for your home, it might be time to look for new, energy-efficient options. Old appliances can drain more energy when they start to break down, so even if your appliances used to be efficient, they might not be anymore. Look for new appliances that use less electricity and water to run; they’ll help cut down on your energy use as well as your utility bills. 

Planting Green To Go Green

When you’re planning your landscaping for the spring, try to plan with energy savings in mind. Designing your yard in the right ways can actually help you save on your heating and cooling bills. Planting trees strategically around your yard can keep your A/C and heating from working harder than they have to. Landscaping this way can also even increase your home’s resale value. 

Major Switches For Major Savings

If your home is in need of some renovations, you have a great opportunity to dramatically reduce how much energy your home uses on a day-to-day basis. Heating and cooling make up the majority of the average home’s energy use, and changing structural elements of your home can cut down on how much energy is needed for A/C and heating. For example, look at metal roofing if you need to repair your roof. A metal roof can easily help save as much as 25% off of your annual home energy bill by reflecting sunlight that would heat up your home. 

Touch Up Technology

Twenty-first century advancements to home technology have made going green easier than ever. See which of your appliances and utilities you can connect with smart technology, like your thermostat or home lighting, for example. Being able to adjust these utilities to use less energy when you’re away from home can simplify your daily routine and save you money on your utility bills.

Spring is a great time to clean up your home’s carbon footprint, whether you’re making small lifestyle changes or major home overhauls. How do you plan on reducing your energy use this spring?

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