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How to Sew a Set of Pillow Stix!

Pillows are the best sewing projects for beginners. The lines are clean and the edges are always crisp, right? Well, if you’ve mastered the basic cushion but aren’t quite ready to dive into designing a ball gown, here’s a project that is somewhere in between. You’ll exercise a new sewing muscle! These pillow stix are ultra-mod, comfy – and make for impressive pillow fighting artillery. For the best effort, make several in color-coordinated fabrics. Use them on your couch, bed, patio anywhere!
Here is what you need to make some:

1 piece of fabric, 16″ x 24″
Straight pins
2 circles of fabric, 5-1/2″
Fiberfil, 20 ounces

1. Take the large piece of fabric, fold it in half lengthwise, and with the right side in, sew the raw edges together lengthwise. Sew another row. You will now have along sleeve.

2. Take one of the circles and attach it to one end of the sleeve with pins, making sure to fold the raw edges in. Once it’s allpinned, sew in place.

3. Stuff the sleeve withthe Fiberfil, packing it tight all the way to the top.

4. Repeat step 2 to close off the pillow.

NOTE: If you don’t feel like sewing – you can use

Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion® Permanent Dry Cleanable Fabric Adhesive and use clothespins to hold the seams in place until the glue dries!

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