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Broken dish jewelry: Make a pendant

Broken dish jewelry has so much charm and mystery. It’s no wonder people want to make art – and jewelry – from it. Here is a tutorial to make pendants.

What do you do when you break your favorite cereal bowl that you painted yourself? You let out an ugly cry for one minute, then you turn it into an opportunity and make Broken Bowl Soldered Pendants.

Here is the inspiration for this project…


I painted made these beautiful bowls using Duncan Ceramics Color Burst Crystal Chips a while back for a different tutorial and they’ve became my favorite set of cereal bowls. They are so bright and cheery! But I accidentally dropped one of them. My first thought was to chuck all the pieces, and then I thought – why not make some pendants? And here we are!

Broken dish jewelry supplies

This is the perfect solution if you happen to break china, a favorite mug or dish. And if you sell your art and crafts, you can get a lot of pieces out of that one catastrophe!


Here are the supplies I used!

Bernzomatic ST500 3 in 1 Micro Torch and Soldering Iron

Bernzomatic Water Soluable Plumbing Flux

Bernzomatic Solder wire, brush

Goggles, gloves

Copper Tape



Burnishing tool

Kiln brick or other heat absorbent surface

Directions for Broken dish jewelry:



Broken pieces of ceramics or glass. Choose a piece with clean edges that will be easy to trim in solder and will look great as a pendant!


The first thing you want to do is apply the copper tape all around the edges of the piece. Use your burnishing tool to make sure the copper tape is smoothly affixed to the edges. Try to have as little bumps and wrinkles as possible.


Brush on a coat of flux on all the copper tape areas. Now it’s time to put on your gloves and goggles! Here is a picture showing the tool I used. I applied the soldering tip and filled it with the Bernzomatic Butane. It’s super easy to use, click the switch on and turn another switch to continuous use and it will heat up!



See that hole, you want to have that facing up, but angled away from your face. Also, you can see I use this tool a lot by the tip. Make sure to clean it off by wiping on a damp sponge before you use it, so you won’t get your project dirty.


Use the clamps (I got mine at the dollar store) to hold your pendant in place. Heat up the solder wire and drag it across the copper tape. You can run the tool across the area for a smooth look.


You’ll also want to solder on a jump ring or you can use industrial strength glue and add a bail.



I love my new pendant! I’m making a few more!


Turn your broken ceramics into necklaces! #craftychica


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