Baked Mini-Taco Salads



I signed on for the Cacique Cook-Off campaign! Ten bloggers were chosen to take a list of ten ingredients and use at least four of them to concoct a fantastic edible experience. This is easy with Cacique because their products high quality, the real deal – made with an over 40 year old family recipe!

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Cacique Cookoff Graphic

Let’s get ready to CRUMBLE! I love it, so cute!

Alrighty, here is the list of what I had to choose from:

Cacique Grated Cotija
Cacique Crema Mexicana Agria


These are what makes the recipes come alive! Cacique Cheeses and Creams are gluten-free, and made with fresh and natural ingredients, such as Grade A milk and Sea Salt. Those natural ingredients make all the difference when it comes to taste and flavor.

Other ingredients I had to choose from:

Green Onion, Zucchini
Ground Meat (beef, chicken, turkey or pork)
Bread Crumbs
Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce
Hibiscus Flowers
Cumin (ground or whole)

I’m still working on eating healthy whenever I can, so I wanted to come up with an easy, but tasty lunch idea that felt plentiful, yet decadent. Here’s what I came up with!

Baked Mini Taco Salads

These are so quick to make and are filled to the brim with flavor!



Cacique Grated Cotija
Cacique Crema Mexicana Agria
1 lb ground turkey
1 teaspoon cumin
Salt and pepper to taste
6″ round thin flour tortillas (large muffin baking pan)
Green onions and celery, chopped
Lettuce, tomato, avocado
Black beans
Sliced black olives
1 can Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce


Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Set a tortilla inside each compartment of the large muffin pan. Bake for 20 minutes until browned and crisp.


Cook ground turkey, season with cumin, salt and pepper to taste.

Remove tortillas from pan, fill with shredded lettuce, turkey, black beans, celery, green onions and tomatoes.

Drizzle with Cacique Crema Mexicana Agria.


Next, sprinkle on some Cacique Grated Cotija! In  case you didn’t know, Cacique has an extensive array of Mexican style cheeses, creams, chorizos and yogurt smoothies. Make sure to check out their site – – to find dozens and dozens of creative traditional and non-traditional recipes!


To make the chipotle topping, open the can of Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce and blend.


Instant salsa!


Top each salad with a bit to add a kick!


You can eat these with a fork, or just bite right into them. mini-taco-salads9

Serve with sliced avocado, rice or corn. mini-taco-salads12

A perfect light summer lunch or dinner!mini-taco-salads14

Thanks so much for checking out my recipe! Please let me know if you try this! It’s so good, I promise you’ll like it. You can also mix it up any way you like!

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