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This Mexi Fondue recipe will change your life!

I recently shared this Mexi-Fondue recipe over on the CaciqueInc.com blog, and I want to post it here too because it has become a favorite in our house! I used three different cheeses, plus white wine, chorizo, apples and toasted bolillos – and OMG, it’s so tasty. The wine helps for digestion when it comes to the cheeses, so you’re good.

[tweetthis]Kathy’s chorizo fondue makes me grateful for cheese![/tweetthis]

When I made this, all our family members gathered around to try it, and then couldn’t stop. We ended up laughing, eating and looking for more things to dip in this fondue. I spent $20 on a fondue pot, and am excited to use it for all kinds of other ideas! And no – not for crafts, for food!

Let me know if you try it! Click here to see the full recipe!

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