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The perfect Pineapple Upside-Down Cake recipe!


I need your help! I’m in dire need of the most excellent Pineapple Upside Down Cake recipe. It’s for Patrick.

His birthday is Tuesday, he’s been a little on the bummed side lately and it all has to do with this cake. I want to surprise him with a fresh and funky version made by me and the kids. Doesn’t the one in this picture look so juicy and delicious? Plus, we are celebrating because Patrick got hired to illustrate a line of kid craft kits that will be for sale in thousands of store chains across the country!! He’s been working so hard these past two weeks on finalizing the sketches and we just turned them in Friday. This is really a big deal and i’m so proud of him.

See why this cake has to be perfect?

I know there are gobs of recipes online, but I want one that has a story – and a lot of love – behind it. Like maybe one that you make every year, or one that your grandma made for your grandpa, etc. Send me your recipe through my email and the reason you love it so much. I’ll print it here and send you a free copy of my new book and some other swag!! It’s OK if it is from scratch, I can handle that (I think…). I just want it to be ultra yummy to leave a lasting impression!! I will be forever indebted!! I’d also appreciate any tips you have on making a PUDC too..

BTW, did you know they even have cake pans for this?

I’m excited to get started!! Thank you in advance!!

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