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No-sew DIY ruffle top

Here is how to make a no-sew DIY ruffle top from T-shirts!


When making this pirate inspired top, I wanted to capture the spirit of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. I absolutely love all the films and decided to hack up a T-shirt to prove it. But seriously though – swashbuckling skeletons, golden coins, Blackbeard, mermaids, zombies, the Fountain of Youth and now sharks and stars? I’m sold!

Ruffled tops are often seen in pirate films, and I gave this a summer, sleeveless and contemporary twist. It’s perfect if you need a cosplay pirate outfit or are going to a Pirate-themed soiree. It’s pretty easy to make and super affordable. I hope you like it, the best part is that I made this without any stitches – it’s all fabric glue!

DIY ruffle top materials list:

Permanent fabric glue (I use Fabric Fusion)

T-shirt board to slip inside the layers so they don’t get glued together

Clothes pins

1 white T-shirt, washed and then cut into six 18” strips

White scoop or V-neck women’s blouse


DIRECTIONS for a DIY ruffle top

Prep the strips:

Fold each strip of the T-shirt strip lengthwise and cut the ends to make an oval shape.

You want the ends to be pointed. Each strip should look like a long, skinny football. This will give your ruffles a nice shape!

DIY ruffle top

Start with one strip and add a drop of Fabric Fusion and fold the fabric over to make a ruffle. Use a clothespin to hold in place. Do this all the way down the strip. Continue with other strips.
You can remove clothespins from strips after about 10 minutes.

You’ll now have strips of permanently glued ruffles!

Time to fuse them to the shirt.

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Insert the Fashion Form inside the top. Set out the strips along the neckline the way you want them. Starting at the top of the shoulder, set down one strip midway between the shoulder and collarbone, this will be the first layer of the ruffles. Now do the same on the other side. Add the second and third strips closer in so you have a graduated, layered ruffled look. Make sure the strips drape loosely down the center of the blouse.


We’re just arranging it the way we want it to look. Sorry, didn’t mean to yell…
Anyhoo – make sure you like how it looks, and then remove the top two strips, leaving the ruffle that will be in the back. Apply drops of Fabric Fusion just under the strip and use the clothespin to secure in place. Wait ten minutes and do the second row on top, and then the third.
If necessary, add a drop of glue under a couple of the ruffles down the center to make them look more centered. Let dry and remove clothespins.
This is how it should look.
Trim any excess T-shirt fabric to make your ruffles for your pirate’s top look balanced. If you want some sparkle, use iron-on crystals, or apply them with tweezers and fabric glue.
Pirates-inspired top by Crafty Chica Pirate-inspired top by Crafty Chica.Thanks for checking out my project!
Pirates-inspired no-sew top by Crafty Chica

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