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Good Intention Candle

(Photo credit: Meghan Oleson)

If you’ve ever felt like no one understands your love for solder wire, yarn, fabric and paper, maybe you need to find a new circle of friends. Crafty friends.

Organized craft collectives have been popping up all over the country, most recently right here in town: the Phoenix Church of Craft, the Phoenix Craft Mafia and the Arizona Crafty Burrito Collective and my group, The Phoenix Fridas to name a few.

These groups are made up of artists who meet once a month and plan events not only to sell their work but to inspire others to pick up a craft.

I recently chatted with Meghan Oleson, the “reverend” of the Phoenix chapter of the Church of Craft. Glory to glitter, she had some great answers to my questions, as well as a happy candle project.

Here’s how she made this awesome candle!

Start with a blank prayer candle. Use letter stickers to embellish, add paint or whatever other decorations you want!

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