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Vintage-inspired Ruffled Rose Frame


The time of family gatherings is here, which means it’s time to freshen up your decor.

Adding a handmade touch is a wonderful way to reflect your personality and give your space a unique look for company. And it doesn’t have to be expensive.

One box of polymer or air-dry clay can go a long way. Use it to whip up all kinds of embellishments that can be glued to everything from frames and footstools to napkin rings and knickknacks.

I set aside an hour every so often to make all kinds of clay pieces. I’ll paint them and put them away. Whenever I see frames, planters, boxes or other plain items on sale or clearance, I bring them home and break out my clay stash. You can use the finished pieces for your decor, to give as gift or to donate as a silent-auction art project.

Here is a simple ruffled-rose technique that will add charm to any table:

Vintage-Inspired Ruffled-Rose Frame


• Wood frame
• Black, red, hot-pink, green and gold paint (I used Crafty Chica paints!)
• Polymer or air-dry clay
• Hot glue
• Craft knife
• Craft brush


Take the backing and glass out of the frame and set aside. Using the black paint and brush, coat the frame twice, letting dry between each layer.

Pinch off a gumball-size piece of clay. Using your thumb and index finger, mold it into a rectangle and flatten it until it is about a 1/4-inch thick and 3 inches long. Roll the clay into the shape of a flower – think of it as if you were using a piece of ribbon.

Take one end of the clay and loosely roll it around to create small ruffles. Gently pinch the bottom as it takes shape. When finished, use the craft knife to cut the back and make it flat. Keep practicing. The more you do it, the better your roses will look. Choose your best two roses. Now pinch off four pieces, and pinch them so they look like leaves.

Let your clay harden according to manufacturer directions. Paint the roses red and accent them with hot pink on the tips. Paint the leaves green. Let dry. Hot-glue one rose in each corner and surround with the leaves. Lightly dip your finger in the gold paint and run it along the roses, leaves and edges of the frame to give it a vintage look.

Tip: You can use the clay to make all kinds of accents for your frames, gift boxes, shadow boxes, jewelry and more. Use rubber stamps to create embossed designs.

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