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Mexi-style chair makeover


I love this Mexi-style chair makeover! Everything in my house is already made over, that’s where I get my thrills. And with my crafty obsessiveness, I make over my finds as soon as I get the idea. I was just about to head out to the thrift store when I came across this…

Mexi-style chair makeover

First – find a solid wood chair. You can look at thrift stores or yard sales, even the trash! I chose a chair that I knew would look great on my patio and make people happy to sit!


– Sturdy wood chair

– Spray paint in three colors (I like ColorShot or Valspar)

– Fabric to go over the seat area

Heavy duty staple gun

– Assorted accent paint, brushes.

Prep the chair:

  • Inspect for Damage: Check for loose joints, cracks, or any rot. Understand the extent of repair needed before moving forward.
  • Determine the Finish: Identify the current finish (paint, varnish, stain, etc.) to choose appropriate removal methods.
  • If the chair has removable parts like cushions or arms, take them off to work more easily on the wood.
  • Remove Dust and Grime: Use a dry cloth or a brush to dust off the surface. For deeper cleaning, use a wood cleaner or a mild soap with water, then dry thoroughly.
  • Glue Loose Joints: Apply wood glue to any loose parts and clamp them until dry.
  • Fill Cracks: Use wood filler to repair cracks or holes, then sand smooth once dry.

Mexi-style chair makeover

This is a chair I purchased to make over. I liked the structure, but didn’t like the solid color or seat pattern. And it so happens I need a new chair for my sewing station in my studio. Perfect timing!

Remove the seat from the chair. Turn it upside and see if there are screws to be removed. Now dust off and wipe down the chair.

Sand if neccessary.

Mexi-style chair makeover

Layer the colors

You can paint by hand, I used spray paint. so much easier!

I originally planned to paint my chair green.  Then I realized I liked how the green looked with the pink peeking through – so I added a third color, blue. These three colors looked really nice together and made for a rustic Mexi-style feel.

Randomly spray the colors to get a balanced look.

You can even let the paint dry and then rough up the edges with sandpaper for a weathered look.

Mexi-style chair makeover

Cover the cushion

While the chair dried outside, I re-covered the seat cushion. 

Remove the seat and measure it, then cut fabric two-inches wider to give yourself room.

Use spray adhesive to add a layer of batting.

Lay the fabric face down and then set the seat on top, batting side down. Pull up each side tightly and staple all around. 

Once the chair is dry, set the seat back in place and add the screws underneath as they were.


I also added some orange and gold accents to give it some pop!

Add sealer

you can use a spray sealer, or paint on a varnish by hand. Add sparkle varnish if you want!


Thanks for checking out my Mexi-style chair makeover!

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