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Flashy Flamenco Jewelry Box

I scored some gorgeous coasters online, and they were direct from Spain. I love the retro flamenco dancers on them! I picked up on the style to embellish this jewelry box. This lovely project is from my book: The Crafty Chica Collection!

1 large wood jewelry box
1 large wood plaque
1 flamenco girl coaster (eBay!)
Paint, mini mirrors, black lace
Hot glue gun

Paint the whole thing, let dry. Glue the coaster to the plaque, and then glue it in the center of the box. Glue the mini-mirrors in the corners. Paint accents all over, and then glue on the lace. Add wood balls for the feet.

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  1. Do you remember Maja perfume? When I was little, that’s who I wanted to be, the Maja Girl–in my childish eyes the essence of Latina beauty. Of course, my idea of beauty has changed considerably since then, but I still wouldn’t mind looking like her!


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