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In Memoriam collage boards

Here is how to make In Memoriam collage boards. This is a bittersweet craft. It’s a way to honor our loved ones who have passed by creating an artful collection of pictures. 

These are photo collage boards I made for my dad. I gathered up as many happy pictures as I could to celebrate his life.

These In Memoriam collage boards can be made for any kind of celebration or event and they are easier to put together than you think.

The trick to make them look “full” is to line the background with paper instead of leaving it white or another solid color. There are so many cool papers out there, choose a set that matches your theme.

The other idea is to line the back of the images with more foam core to make them “pop” out.

The last thing is to add stickers as accents. i bought all kinds of stickers to go with things my dad liked to do – sports, cameras, travel, gambling, grandkids, etc…

Supplies for In Memoriam collage boards

Large boards of foam core
12 pieces of 12×12″ scrapbook paper (contrasted colors, but similar in theme)
Aleene’s Spray Adhesive
More foam core, craft knife
Card stock
Ink dauber
Hot glue gun
Assorted stickers


Use the spray adhesive to affix the scrapbook paper to one side of the board. Spray the paper and set it in place until the entire surface is covered. I lined mine up in rows.

Print out your photos and affix them to card stock. Use the ink dauber to trim in edges in color.

Cut the foam core in smaller pieces and glue them behind the images. Use the hot glue to affix images to the board. Add stickers at random.


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4 thoughts on “In Memoriam collage boards”

  1. Your dad was a beautiful guy! There is something very angelic about him, and it is apparant in you and your creations. I wish I could tell you that you will get over your loss soon; you won’t. I can tell you you are on the right track. God has called him home and you will be together again.

  2. My dad passed away last November. We made something like these for the memorial service, but I like your backgrounds so much better. Great ideas!


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