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Crocheted flower pin

At one of our Phoenix Frida meetings a while back, my friend Anita sat and (speed) crocheted each member a classic red flower pin. I took mine home, Maya swiped it, and then I scored it back.

The week my dad died, I tried to spend time in the art room to clear my head. Nothing could keep my attention. I found the flower pin Anita made me and without even thinking about it, I added an orange blanket stitch around the pedals. I then spent almost two hours hand sewing seed beads all over it. I then stitched a little Virgin of Guadalupe bead in the center. It turned out to be the best therapy I could find. Anita is one of my best friend’s and little did she know her little gift went a long way to helping me get through a difficult time!

Take this as inspiration to look around your jewelry or clothing and see what little touches you can add to them. Maybe stencil on a rose to a worn out tee, or trim a pair of earrings in a new color. Add some beads to a scarf you crocheted or knitted. In my world, nothing is ever complete, there is always room for more embellishment. I’m not a minimalist, what can I say?

Oooh, wait! Here is a better idea – do like Anita and crochet flower pins for your crafty friends. Ask them to embellish it in their own way, and then you can get together when everyone is finished and do a trade. Wouldn’t that be cool?


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