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This is a wonderful submission I received for Inspiration Friday. It is about a young woman’s memory of her mother sewing…enjoy!

My Mother’s Lullaby
By Edith Gurrola

A rumble. A pause. A rumble. The rumble became louder as I slid onto the linoleum floor in the living room with my baby blue knit socks. As a child, they were my favorite. I saw my mom, a tiny fixture behind a giant industrial size sewing machine. She didn’t lift her head but peeked at me over her thick pink glasses and pressed her lips into a smile. Seeing the mountains of collars she had to assemble I knew it was going to be a long night for her. I went to her side and placed my small hand on the rumbling giant, feeling the humming vibrations run through my arm. My mom traced a cross on my forehead and brought her index finger and thumb to my lips to kiss. The bitter taste of the fabric from her fingers lingered on my lips. As I walked to my bed, the rumbling continued and persisted throughout the night. It was as steady as my breathing.

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