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La Catrina Wire and Clay Sculpture

There are many crafts to make when it comes to Dia de los Muertos, and one of the most popular is a personality sculpture made from wire and clay. Created in a comical tone, bursting with personality and color, these skeletons remind us that the holiday is always about fun and love!


1 wood base
• A palm-sized amount of polymer, air-dry or bread dough clay
• 18-gauge wire, needle nose plier, wire nippers
• Assorted fabric scraps, trims
• Hot glue
• Paint

1. Using the needle nose pliers, create a body frame (one strip of with with two arms and two legs) from the wire.
2. Take a pinch of clay and form in an oval and apply as a foot by inserting into the wire. Repeat for other foot and hands.
3. Take a larger piece and form it around the center area of the center wire.
4. Take another chunk of clay and form a skull head, slide it on the top portion of the wire. Bake or air-dry, depending on the type of clay you are using.
5. Glue the sculpture to the wood base by the feet.
6. Pain the body and clay portions.
7. Add fabric scraps for clothing.
Tips and variations: Create objects by using cardboard and other found objects.

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