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From sketches to paintings!

I busted out some sketches last weekend and even went so far as to paint a few of them! If there are any experienced painters or illustrators reading this, I would LOVE feedback to help me get better!

 She still needs a background!
 This one is a fail. Instead of sketching her face with a pencil or chalk, I used a permanent marker and messed it up. Now no paint will cover it. I’m going to try and repaint her face on canvas and glue it on. That might look kind of cheesy though. I’ll have to think about this one! any ideas?


 Experimenting with profiles!


This is inked and I added her skin. It trips me out how they evolve from pencil sketch to finished painting. I’m trying to branch out into learning bodies and movement. I burn through erasers as much as I do Starbucks VIA packets!


 Before and after.
I made this one from personal experience.


DIY Record album shrines

Dancing With Butterflies


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