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Dancing with Butterflies: A Novel by Reyna Grande

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I truly loved this book. What impressed me the most was that I never felt like there was an “author” – this story moved seamlessly along in a very natural way. It centers on women in a folklorico dance troupe, and we are exposed to the sometimes gut-wrenching personal missteps of each character. We learn that folklorico requires much discipline, passion and dedication and each character’s commitment to the craft is put to the test, forcing them to fully embrace it or walk away.

It’s an emotionally heavy read, many notes of heartache, but there are also kicks of comedy when you least expect them. A really great balance!

As an artist and crafter, it was no surprise that my favorite storyline was that of Soledad, the seamstress and costume designer for the group. She was the ultimate underdog in the book – underestimated, always overlooked an unappreciated. I had no idea how her story would end, and I was worried all the way through, but I was pleasantly surprised at the end. I remember reading the last page and letting out a smile big enough for my daughter to ask me from across the room, “What are you smiling at, Mom?”

The only teeny (and I mean micro) glitch I had with this book were the names of the characters. Many (not all) of the female names ended with “a” and the males with “o,” sometimes I had to stop and think for a second. But that had zero impact on how much I loved this book! If you want an entree, something hearty, that will fill you up and make you feel completely satisfied at the end, this is it!

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