Bedroom Makeover: The headboard (in progress)

Headboard before the transformation! Boring!

Here is a headboard and bed frame I bought for $179 at a furniture store. It’s so dull – but the reason I chose it was because of the recessed area in the center. I saw sparkles when I first looked at it!

My first thought was to do a resined collage, and then I was going to paint a mini-street mural and then I decided to go with an application that I could finish within my allotted time frame (one day). I have a  LOT going on these days and can’t afford to get sidetracked – I really need my bed! So I’m going with a “bed of roses’ theme:

Roses I glued down.

I hot glued silk roses in different textures on a red painted (unframed) canvas, which I’ll affix to the headboard. Next I’m going to glue magnetic poetry words all around the frame, and glue something along the top of the headbaord to give it height. I bough two chunky candle sticks for each end too!  I also bought a garden arch that I’m going to wrap in fabric, fuzzy yarn and mimi-lights and use it to make the bed super dramatic and artful.

For any of you who have read my Miss Scarlet novel, the arch and fabric strands above the bed mentioned above are inspired by the character of Rosa and her bed!

I’ll post again when I have more of the bed finished, I’m getting back to work right now! YES! I will finish!

Oh! I have to tell you about my mattress score. I was out shopping for an affordable mattress set and everyone told me to go to R&S Mattress. On our way there, my sister texted me about a deal that Costco was having and she sent me pictures. She had me convinced, but because we were so close to R&S, we stopped in anyway. I showed the salesman the pictures and price sign my sister sent me from Costco and he offered me the very same set for $50 less!

I love that kind of shopping, I felt like such a savvy consumer, even if was by accident! That’s $50 more I can spend on fabric or yarn!


Love & light,

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