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Nat’l Craft Month: Calling all Latina/o Crafties

NOTE: This project is for ANYONE FROM ANY BACKGROUND who loves to make Latino-inspired art…

Alrighty folks, Patrick and I have been making a living off of our Chicano-themed crafts for more than 20 years. I feel blessed to have been supported by a market and industry that found room to love all the glitter and sugar skulls.

Not only did it take working the craft shows, and making things to sell wholesale to stores, but also incorporating craft design for craft product manufacturers. Did you know Latino shoppers make up a large part of the $31 billion craft industry? 
That is a BIG chunk! But where are we, what are we doing, what are we making? It’s not just Latino people – it’s is people from other backgrounds too who are married or adopted into Latino families. Or travelers who love the culture too. The industry has a hard time figuring this out. They often label us as non-assimilated Spanish-speaking consumers. We know that is only one branch of our peeps, we are a tall tree with many extensions, styles, messages and personalities. Our range is vast and beautiful and deserves to be displayed! I want them to see us!
As a third-generation Mexican-American, I’ve always made it my goal to help other Latinas/Chicanas (and guys too!) get involved in the professional craft industry, help them to find a career niche too! There are oodles of opportunities, I see them all the time, and now I want to help pay it forward!
I think about my dad who used to make and sell jewelry as a teenager. He also made model cars from fiberglass from scratch and entered them in contests and often won first place! He ran out of outlets and when he started the family, he went to work as a civil engineer and gave it all up. I always think how far his designs would have gone if he had a sliver of the opportunities that are available today!
Now the point of all this – National Craft Month is in March. I’m coordinating a series called “National Craft Month: 30 Days of Latina/o Designers.” I’ll run it on my blog and promote the heck out it to manufacturers and the press, etc. Every day I’ll share a new DIY tutorial from a Latina/o artist in a range of styles.

This is a new avenue to keep our culture alive and thriving in different aspects aside from galleries, craft shows, and online stores. Teaching others to craft! My family has found a way to work all these angles to live an artful life and we want to help others do the same! 

MY GOAL: To show that 1. Latinos design in an array of styles; 2. That many non-Latinos make, shop and love Latino designs/crafts too!

Here is how to participate:
I have 31 spots. All entries will be curated on innovation, creativity and good photos.
1. Send me a craft tutorial that you made (that has pictures!) that is housed on your blog that you want to be featured. It can even be a video you made.
2. Send me the following: 
 – Name:
 – Background: (How you are inspired by la cultura)
 – Website URL:
 – 2-3 sentence bio:
3. House the button on your blog for the month of March.
WHAT IF YOU AREN’T LATINO? That’s ok, you are welcome to submit! It is not my style to exclude anyone! 
Deadline: ASAP! The people who submit earliest will be part of the press release!


Kathy 🙂

Rose-Covered Headboard

Easy Paper Flowers


6 thoughts on “Nat’l Craft Month: Calling all Latina/o Crafties”

  1. This is a great idea Kathy! Most people are unaware (or in disbelief) that I have a Cuban mother because of my light coloring. My mom is a very musical and crafty chica as well! I spend a lot of time in Mexico and find myself doing lots of bilingual demos (every year the # increases) at the CHA trade shows. The spanish speaking attendees really appreciate the effort I make to explain the products to them! I agree the latina craft market is booming! The Mexicans definitely know how to craft and I am always inspired by their creativity, humor, resourcefulness and great sense of color! I’d like to help you promote this event, so let me know what if anything I can do to help!

  2. Hi Kathy,
    I went to your website and sent you a message with my information making a submission for your call to artists.

    Do you need any profiles of a Latina consumer who has contributed a good chunk to that 31 million? I’ve been cleaning out my studio and have patterned paper taking up the length of my couch! Ay, ay, ay!



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