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Happy for a new week!

It’s late, but I’ve had a lot of coffee and tea today, so I’m ready do some blogging. I’ll start by telling you how HAPPY I am that it’s a new week.

Let me back up…

When I returned from Miami last month, I had a horrible toothache, excruciating pain. It had been an ongoing thing since December! My regular dentist could not figure out why it was hurting me so bad and I ended up in the dental ER on a Saturday.

My worry? I was to leave on the cruise the following Saturday. 40 cruisers were depending on me and my teeth to lead them on a hopefully life-enhancing crafty adventure at sea. Mommy needed this tooth fixed asap!

One little tap and the dentist told me I had an absess tooth and it needed a root canal. He opened my tooth and gave me HALF a root canal – he put some medicine in there and cleaned it, my pain stopped and I was a happy camper. All I had to do, he told me, was go to my dentist on Monday for the rest of the root canal, the worst was over. He was my savior! So I thought.

My regular dentist ended up sending me to a specialist on Tuesday (cruise was on Saturday!), and I told him exactly what the ER dentist said. The new guy opened my tooth and poked – I jumped up and screamed. The ER dentist had not killed the nerve. The quickly numbed me up and calmed me down and went back to work on my tooth. About 30 minutes in, the dentist announces that he cannot save my tooth because there is a crack between the nerves.

With my mouth fully numbed, I tried to explain to him about the cruise and what could we do to get me through this. He leaves the room to make some calls and returns to tell me that he scheduled me with an oral surgeon across the parking lot to pull my tooth.

I’ll cut to the chase. It was quite the ordeal. Financially and painfully. I was on a liquids for a week, actually that was great because I lost a lot of weight. I made it to the cruise and everything healed up.

Halfway through the cruise, Patrick started feeling icky. It was more stressful than usual because we work as a team on all the cruise workshops and I had to fly solo. Thankfully, we had awesome cruisers who saw that Patrick was sick and everyone pitched in to help me. And we loved every second, it was more bonding for all of us. On the last day of the trip, I had to drive us back to Phoenix because he could hardly breathe. We got to ER and he was in the hospital for a few days getting tests and procedures and such. It was a wake up call.

I spent last week nursing him back to his usual self, learning how to cook healthy…

Side note: I went and bought all the foods on the list the doctor gave us, but then I got home and didn’t know what to make with any of them. Patrick is the chef of the house and he was out of commission a bit. I had to go back to the store and buy magazines. I’m a dork. Since then, I’ve researched online and am getting better at this cooking thing.

This week, Patrick is bright and cheery and looks tons better, we’ve both lost weight and are excited to get healthy.

Last week was scary, I was so worried for my honey. 🙁 Now we have a whole new lease on life!

That’s why I’m so happy for a new week!

Hmm, what is my lesson here? Take care of your body as much as you do your soul. Our bodies are vessels for our spirits and all that woo-woo stuff, you know? It’s all about balance, respect and upkeep!

One more lesson – if your tooth is hurting like crazy and your dentist says it likely “just sensitivity” – go see another dentist!

Thanks for reading through all of this!

Go be shiny,
Kathy 🙂

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