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Painted Pavers Ideas


Here are some painted pavers ideas!

Everyone goes majorly loca here in Phoenix when spring arrives. We may not get all the fancy, blooming colors on our trees, but we sure savor the last of beautiful weather before the merciless summer hits. I have an ongoing project for our front patio – I’ve been painting all the accessories, such as the patio chairs, flower pots and vases. Patrick set down a cool pattern of the pavers in the garden area of our patio and I knew I had to take it next level. 

Here are some painted pavers ideas!

Choose paint colors. You can use craft paint or sample house paints at the home improvement store.

I came across all of these and bought one of each!

Here is my inspiration – many years ago in our first house, we were renters. We couldn’t do much to makeover the place, but I noticed the front yard had these giant rocks in the flower bed. I, um, painted all of them in cheery hues! I found out just a few months ago that the people now renting the house love the rocks, they are still there – even through all those other renters after us!

So I decided to add a bit of that same colorful spirit to our own flower bed in the front porch area!

Pavers and/or bricks

Pavers are the long bricks that can be scalloped shaped, round, different lengths, etc. and then there are bricks. Yo ucan find them super cheap, check freebie sites in your local community. Many times people are giving them away for free.

Sketch your design with a pencil and then fill in with the paint. Let dry and then add accents or whatever else you’d like.

My suggestion is to map out the design before you start painting so it will have balance in design and color.

TIP: Use black Puffy Paint to outline – it will really make your designs POP!

Seal them

Once you’re done painting each brick or paver, brush or spray on a thick coat of outdoor varnish so they’ll last a long time. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight or they’ll fade. 

You can see I still have a ways to go, but I love how it’s looking already! Color is magical!

DIY painted pavers! #craftychica #paintedbricks

DIY painted bricks

Cleaning of your pavers:

As long as you seal them with outdoor-friendly varnish, they should be fine for washing with a hose, even a high powered sprayer. We’ve had out painted pavers for a decade and they still look bright and vibrant.

Other painted pavers ideas:

Have each family member paint one.

Paint a word on each one to create a short sentence.

Use a paint pen to write a poem or quote.

Paint a little scene on each one.

Group them together and paint one large scene that covers several of the pavers or bricks.

Create mosaic designs on each one.

Turn them into game pieces, like tic tac toe!

Spray paint over a stencil on them

Cut out permanent vinyl designs on your Cricut machine.

About this week!

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15 thoughts on “Painted Pavers Ideas”

  1. I so love these, and I love those paints and when you can get them on clearance it is even better thank you I need something to put down in my herb garden how cool with this look

  2. So, if one covers one’s work with varnish, does it matter what kind of paint is used?? Could one use the tube acrylic in one’s stash – or is the house paint better?

    Waay cool idea. Thanks.

  3. Love love love the colors for the courtyard garden at the library – the storytime children could each paint two pavers – 1 to go home and 1 to decorate the garden. Messy, I bet, but oh what fun! Mahalo for sharing.

  4. Sorry but to withstand weather extremes, your paint is not going to work. Your best bet would be to use exterior latex that you tint with the desired color. I know that you can use any brand of paint tint that can be found throughout paint and craft retailers. I have even tinted exterior white paint with the bottles if acrylic sold at Michaels for 99 cents-to cover with sealer, i would search the most waterproof/weatherproof option or else your hard work will be for nothing. Been there, done that with these pavers.

    I realize you are promoting Valspar paint to garner some profit but seriously, this is rubbish info you spread

  5. You can’t imagine how happy I was to find this info!! We rent and there are so many things I want to do! I love this idea plus it helps me answer to my hubby as to why there’s a brick sitting at my end of the sofa!

  6. I have painted with similar paints and even acrylic craft paint…onto stones. I sealed them and they lasted for many years!! Probably still brightens someone’s yard!! So…maybe you had a bad experience but her words are not rubbish.

  7. These are beautiful! Did you use a primer first? If not, were there any issues with the paint soaking in too much or needing to do multiple coats?


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