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Enameled Tumblers Tutorial Video

Every time I visit the grocery or craft store, I see displays of colorful tumblers and pitchers. I knew it was a craft-in-waiting, perfect for the poolside season. I picked up a set and left them in my studio in plain sight. I knew if I stared at them long enough, an idea would pop in my head. Sure enough, it came to me while I was painting my nails! Nail polish is so fun for projects and because it is enamel, it works great on non-porous surfaces, like plastic tumblers! I have a big tub of nothing but nail polish, not in my bedroom, but in my craft room!


I used Tulip Body Art Glitter Tattoo Stencils, they were the perfect size for this project! The key is to find stencils that are flexible and thin.




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