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Mi corazón dish towels

I don’t know why I called these Mi corazón dish towels – they should be AMOR dish towels. Maybe it’s because I don’t love doing the dishes? Regardless, these illustrated treats will bring alot of smiles to your kitchen!


Everyone knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Food = love. That’s why I thought it would be fun to make my own dish towels that represent my heart – “Mi Corazon’!
It’s a really easy process – I’ve even attached my pattern for you!


You’ll need a plain white dish towel, or any kind of thin cloth. You’ll also need transfer (carbon) paper, a stylus or pen, Tulip Fabric Markers and a pattern. If you are good at drawing, just freestyle and draw your own design!


Working on a flat surface, tape the dish towel down, add the transfer paper on top and then the pattern. Use a pen or stylus to draw over the pattern to transfer it to the fabric.


It will transfer nice and faint like this! Now it’s time to color it all in!


Use the different colors of markers to fill in, blend and shade.


When you are done coloring, outline the whole thing in black. What I love about these fabric markers is that you don’t have to heat set them. However,
make sure to wash your dish towels before using them. 
And here is the pattern. Click to enlarge and print.

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