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Aztec-inspired Derin Bag




You are totally going to think I’m cray-cray bananas, drizzled with loca sauce when I tell you about this awesome bag. The folks at Onna Ehrlich wrote to me to see if I would feature their beautiful Derin bag ($650.00). I love their bags, they are gorgeous and super stylish. They were kind and generous enough to send me one of the Derin bags to have and keep! I received the bag and loved it! But I thought I’d give it a little DIY love, maybe just a few light barely-there stenciled Aztec designs. Next thing I knew, I went to town on the entire bag! I painted a $650 designer bag! Eeeek! I hope they are not mad at me!

Actually, I only painted one side of the bag, so I can choose to wear it in its original beautiful tan, or flip it over and have this bright Aztec design!

Thank you so much to the team at Onna Ehrlich! They are offering a discount for anyone who wants to buy a bag this weekend!



Here are the Tulip Soft Fabric Paint colors I started with. I also added in other colors as I went along.
I used clear shelving liner to make my stencils. First I tried blue painter’s tape, but it didn’t stick well to the surface. The contact paper worked a little better. I drew the designs with a marker and then cut them out with a craft knife. I kept every little piece to use in other areas of the bag.
Here’s where I applied the stencils to the bag. Time to paint. I also removed the straps.
I used the Tulip Sponge Pouncers to apply the paint, column by column. I let them dry between each, so they wouldn’t smear (I’m left handed).

So much for my light designs! This is the point where I just dove in and went for it. Hello, bright colors!

After I finished adding all this paint, I realized the overall design needed some smaller accents, so I added dots and shading. When I finished, I added the straps back.



See what I mean? I also made a tassel too!
I only painted one side, so I can wear my bag tan, like on the left, or flip it around and show the painted side. Crafty, right?
Soooo, what do you think?



So here is the cool thing – I only painted one side, so one side is business, the other is party!

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  1. Frankly, I can’t believe that was a $50 purse, let alone a $600 one. You really improved it- I love the Aztec design. They should offer to give you your own line (if you could find the time that is! LOL)


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